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  1. Turkey shoots down Russian plane: Wars have a funny way of taking on a life of their own

    Putin’s initial reaction is about as angry and hot-headed as I’ve seen Putin since he first came to power in 1999.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the War desk

  2. Silicon Valley vs Civilization

    Silicon Valley’s love affair with their favorite world leader continues. Meanwhile, at home, Narendra Modi's party is accused of defending, even encouraging, violence, sexual assault and murder.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the History desk

  3. With "Convoy," tech billionaires build another castle at another narrow in the stream

    Founders of Amazon, eBay and Uber join forces to "disrupt" the trucking industry. with the goal of doing to the trucking industry what Uber has done for taxis. Here's what that means.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the Disruption desk

  4. The Whistleblowers of Oz

    Why, after all these years of government leaks, has so little changed?

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the Legal Affairs desk

  5. What the hell? Pierre Omidyar selects one of Edward Snowden's former Booz Allen bosses to be an Omidyar Fellow

    The billionaire who bought access to the Snowden NSA leaks has just selected the whistleblower's NSA-contractor boss to his "fellowship" program.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the Security desk

  6. Rand Paul: The rise and fall of Silicon Valley's Republican dream candidate

    The precipitous rise and fall of Rand Paul's presidential campaign is set for its final, thrilling dive. Libertarians from coast to coast are fleeing the scene of the debacle, wondering how it all went wrong. Here are some answers.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the "True" Libertarianism desk

  7. Big Tech’s monopoly power as a threat to democracy

    As tech billionaires convert their wealth and private political power into acquiring more and more public political power, let's look again at what monopoly power means in the age of hi-tech.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the Disruption desk

  8. The Donald Trump - Roger Stone show: Birth Harder

    Every time Trump steps in another pile of racist conspiracy dogshit, everyone throws up their hands and asks, “Does he really believe what he’s saying?" The answer is yes.

    By Mark Ames , written on

    From the Politics desk

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