1. Pierre Omidyar's news site silent on spying scandal involving his partners at AT&T

    Even by Omidyar’s conflicted standards, the silence over AT&T and FAIRVIEW is deafening.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Future of Journalism desk

  2. Gawker claims former interns are too late to sue over pay, lawyers ask for summary judgment (Docs)

    In new legal filings, Gawker claims only one intern filed in time, but they signed away their right to sue.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Legal Affairs desk

  3. Uber driver posts amazing 30 minute video rant criticizing Pando’s relentlessly positive Uber coverage

    I don't know about you, but I'm definitely ready to start taking Uber again.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Sharing Economy desk

  4. “Bummer”

    Zirtual's rosy sounding "acquisition" was really a fire sale in which hundreds of employees got burned and the founder might be gone.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Delivering Happiness desk

  5. Sources: Zirtual founders hid financial mess from investors. Next: Hasty acquisition deal to save jobs

    Here’s what’s really going on at the imploded virtual assistant startup.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Disruption desk

  6. Leadership? As Jack Dorsey was buying $875k in Twitter stock, Evan Williams offloaded more than $10m

    In less than six months, Evan Williams has cashed out over $61m in Twitter stock.

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Money desk

  7. Did tech leaders know about impending campaign fraud indictments when they backed Rand Paul Super PAC?

    Angellist's Naval Ravikant tells Pando: "I obviously didn't know about this or wouldn't have done it.... Serves me right for getting involved in politics."

    By Paul Carr , written on

    From the Facepalm desk

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