Peiter Zatko

Peiter Zatko (.mudge) is a researcher at Google for Motorola Mobility’s Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group. Formerly, he was a founder of The L0pht, a hacker group whose members testified before Congress, a division scientist at government contractor BBN, and program manager at DARPA. Follow him on Twitter: @dotmudge.
  1. How the US government inadvertently created Wikileaks

    I was in Germany for Chaos Congress 2009, a hacker conference, and after attending a series of talks I was headed back to my hotel when I spotted Julian Assange. This predated my working as a project manager at DARPA as a hacker-in-residence, if you will. It was also before Wikileaks released the video “Collateral Murder” and hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables, the Swedish rape allegations, and Julian ending up a virtual prisoner, holed up in Ecuador’s diplomatic mission in London.

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