Ragnar Sass

Ragnar Sass is a serial startup entrepreneur and co-founder of a simple CRM software called Pipedrive and a startup boot camp Garage48. He has organized several Hack-a-thons, including Garage48 in the Baltics and in West & East-Africa.
  1. 9 Practical Tips on How to Get Into a Top Startup Accelerator

    Each year thousands of startups try to get into top accelerators. The best ones – Techstars, Y Combinator, Angelpad and 500 Startups – usually get around 2000 applicants for 10 - 60 seats, which makes the odds of getting in worse than getting into Yale, Standford, Harvard, and other top universities. Here are some practical tips how to stand out and increase your chances based on our experience with Pipedrive.

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