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An iOS developer who writes about gadgets, startups and cybersecurity. Creator of The Complete SwiftUI Documentation You’ve Been Waiting For and many Swift programming tutorials.

  1. SMS is still multi-factor authentication's dangerous default

    Long ago the only text messages we could send between phones were called Short Message Service (SMS). These messages were encrypted by your phone before being sent to the nearest cell tower.

    By Rob Sturgeon , written on

    From the Security desk

  2. What I found out when I blocked apps from tracking my iPhone for one week

    When Apple made an appearance at the CES tech conference in Las Vegas in 2019, they also put up a sign. It wasn’t a billboard, as many news outlets claimed, but a 13-story Apple ad plastered onto the side of a hotel. It had one message: “What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone”.

    By Rob Sturgeon , written on

    From the Privacy desk