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Your writer is a driver on the Uber system in Miami on a part time basis. At this time, the author wishes to remain anonymous as criticism of Uber in a social space has had other drivers deactivated.  He has not yet totally given up on Uber, and hopes they can right their wrongs, learn to treat its ‘partners’ with respect, and continue to drive on a part time basis.  And if that does not work, he is ready to start work to beat Uber at its own game.  Any media inquiries or requests for evidence to ensure I am indeed a driver may be made via the below contact details. For questions and further comment, he can be reached at [email protected] or via direct message on Twitter at @UberDriverMiami
  1. Dear Travis: A Miami Uber driver takes exception to the company's rate cuts

    [Editor's note: The following represents the combination of two articles which originally appeared on the UberDriverMiami blog and have been republished here unedited with the author's permission. The author has requested to remain anonymous due to the risks revealing his identity would pose to his relationship with Uber. Pando has verified that the author is in fact an active Uber driver. The author was not paid for his work.] Winter Slump Dear Travis,

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