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  1. The invisible labor of content moderation

    Have you ever taken a look at Facebook’s content policies? Or Twitter’s? Probably not — they’re decently hard to find, and most social media platforms don’t necessarily go out of their way to advertise their moderation policies.

    By Gaby Goldberg , written on

    From the Culture desk

  2. Silicon Valley’s billion-dollar sextech industry is still shrouded in stigma

    Only recently did Ryan and Jenn Cmich, founders of LoveSync, a sexual communication mobile app that also allows couples to sync their moods when having sex, manage to get an ad for their product approved by Facebook.

    By Stav Dimitropoulos , written on

    From the Culture desk

  3. The MySpace culture gap: what happens when platforms die?

    In 2019, the once-great social media giant MySpace announced that due to a server migration and malfunction, they had lost 50 million user-uploaded items, representing 12 years of content uploaded to the platform.

    By Joan Westenberg , written on

    From the Culture desk

  4. The return of the 'slow web' movement

    Those who have been around for a while might remember a time when trawling through ugly headache-inducing personal websites was a fundamental part of the internet experience. Even those who weren't around back then find themselves feeling nostalgic for it.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

    From the Culture desk

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