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  1. More people use Tor for nefarious means in freer countries

    One of the first quantifiable analyses of how people use Tor shows that the freer a country’s political debate, the more likely people are to use the open-source software that enables anonymous web browsing for nefarious means.

    By Chris Stokel-Walker , written on

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  2. Boiling The Frog

    Make no mistake that any business we do with a Chinese corporation we are doing indirectly with the Chinese government. There are divisions of Chinese companies whose sole job is censorship. Chinese laws demand work for the national security interests of an overreaching and cruel government. Those in Hong Kong know that if they end up in China, they may never be seen again and that there isn’t such a thing as justice there.

    By Cyan Banister , written on

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  3. Facebook had another great quarter. But which side of history will it be on?

    “We hope to change how people relate to their governments and social institutions.”

    By Kevin Kelleher , written on

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  4. Google’s lawyers, Ron Paul’s grandson, and the most depraved campaign crime in decades

    For over a year now, Google has refused to comply with federal warrants to hand over Gmail accounts of the three indicted Paul campaign managers and operators.

    By Mark Ames , written on

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  5. At the Grateful Dead concert, a pop-up libertarian paradise

    John Perry Barlow's libertarian vision for cyberspace bears little relation to the contemporary Internet. It does, however, bear a startling resemblance to the parking lot at a Grateful Dead concert.

    By Dan Raile , written on

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  6. Walking With Libertarians: Pando goes to FreedomFest, Pt I

    Taking candy from a convicted felon at "the greatest libertarian show on earth."

    By Paul Bradley Carr , written on

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