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  1. Lessons Learned from Shutdown Startups - Part 1

    There is a newfound appetite for consumer internet products and services. People are exploring what the "new normal" means to them and what products can help them get there. From 2016-2019, it felt like we were at peak app, but today we are downloading apps again.

    By Greg Isenberg , written on

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  2. How the biggest consumer apps got their first 1,000 users

    This was originally posted by Lenny Rachitsky. Subscribe to his newsletter here.

    By Lenny Rachitsky , written on

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  3. The many delusions of Startupland

    There’s a place I call Startupland where everyone has bought into a fever dream. It’s sometimes referred to as Silicon Valley but it broke free of the Bay Area’s geographical boundaries long ago and now exists as a kind of religion where everyone believes they’re the chosen one and business fundamentals don’t apply.

    By Francisco Dao , written on

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