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  1. Gaming the Twitter system: lessons from the 2016 presidential election

    It’s 2020 and incumbent President Donald Trump is trailing in national polls. His political opponents are numerous and diverse, including disaffected Republicans represented by the Lincoln Project, Republican Voters Against Trump, and others in the “Never Trump” movement, as well as Democrats and progressives.

    By Jeffrey Layne Blevins & James Jaehoon Lee , written on

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  2. I'm a Gen Zer. And almost none of my friends use Twitter.

    As teens, we are constantly on our phones, watching videos, talking to our friends, participating in all the latest trends, and bouncing between all the different social media apps. Well, except for one: Twitter.

    By Kristin Merrilees , written on

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  3. Twitter censored DDoSecrets and made BlueLeaks an even bigger deal

    Twitter is making it increasingly clear that it is clamping down on what it allows to be published on its platform.

    By Aimee Pearcy , written on

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  4. Twitter & the cool kids' club

    When I was in middle school, there was a student lounge off the main hall where we spent break time.

    By Rhys Wallace , written on

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