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Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Our last PandoMonthly of the year is a first for us: The guest is an import from a different city.

Lightspeed’s Jeremy Liew lives and (mostly) works in San Francisco but he’ll sit down with us for our final PandoMonthly LA of the year on Tuesday December 16.

Liew was not only an early investor in many of the hottest LA companies including ShoeDazzle, Honest, SnapChat and Whisper, but he’s been an early scout of most of the others.

Liew’s connection to LA traces back to his early career at CitySearch and IAC, but also can be attributed to his uncanny intuition about what products will resonate with the consumer market. Liew has evangelized the LA scene for years, putting his finger on why it’s so promising better than most – He’s fond of saying the region knows how to tell stories to Middle America and and understands what they want. That’s even important these days, as launching consumer mobile products presents a similar marketing challenge to launching a hit movie.

Beyond the above companies, Liew is a thoughtful observer of tech trends and has frequently altered my thinking on why things hit — whether its his description of what it takes to survive against the Facebook juggernaut, brand-driven multi-channel ecommerce as the way to survive against Amazon, or the different ways we have to think about virality in a mobile world (Hint: You physically see people doing things not find them crammed up in a newsfeed.)

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