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  1. strictly-business

    Sprinklr raises $46M at $1.17B valuation

    Here comes another unicorn: Sprinklr, a New York-based marketing company, has raised $46 million at a $1.17 billion valuation. The funds will be used to help the 700-person company expand its marketing platform. [Source: Fortune]
  3. strictly-business

    Twitter makes Curator available to public

    Curator, the tool Twitter created so the media could find and share tweets with its audience, is now available to the public. Because if there’s anything people wanted to see more of, it’s tweets randomly inserted into blog posts, television spots, and other forms of media. [Source: TechCrunch]
  4. cold-taskrabbit

    You probably won’t make $78,000 per year through TaskRabbit

    A new report claims TaskRabbit workers can earn up to $78,000 per year. While that might make it seem like a good idea to quit your day job, it’s worth remembering that most workers won’t earn that much, and that TaskRabbit has been criticized in the past for how it treats its don’t-call-them-employees. MarketWatch says 15 percent of taskers (the term of choice for people who find work on TaskRabbit’s platform) are full-time. Many of them “earn $6,000 to…
  5. redef

    REDEF relaunches as a social platform that people might actually use

    Techmeme is nice. A bump from Reddit or LinkedIn is a traffic goldmine. But our CEO Sarah Lacy has repeatedly told us that the only curation she cares about is getting on Jason Hirschhorn’s REDEF newsletter. And with good reason — Hirschhorn’s taste is unimpeachable, and his daily selections across media, tech, music, sports, and fashion verticals are so good that the overused cliche “must-read” doesn’t do them justice. But the web offering of REDEF has always been a bit of an…
  7. uber

    Uber gets temporary reprieve in France

    A court in France has decided not to ban Uber’s low-cost services until the country’s highest appeals court, or its supreme court, weigh in on the constitutionality of a new transport law. [Source: The Wall Street Journal]
  8. Piggy Bank

    Chicago’s AvantCredit acquires fellow Y Combinator alum ReadyForZero to bolster smart lending platform

    Two of the most exciting names in consumer lending and debt management have joined forces. San Francisco- based credit education startup ReadyForZero has been acquired Chicago’s AvantCredit, a big data-driven platform. Both companies have ties to Y Combinator, with ReadyForZero graduating from the accelerator in 2010, and Avant co-founders John Sun and Paul Zhang participating in a later class under a prior company called Debteye. The companies are not revealing the financial terms of the deal, although ReadyForZero co-founder and CEO Rod Ebrahimi…
  9. strictly-business

    Tinder focuses on spam-fighting efforts

    Tinder is refocusing on its spam-fighting efforts in the wake of reports that movie studios are using the service to promote their movies, scammers are attempting to steal information via the app, and pranksters have created tools that trick heterosexual men into flirting with each other. [Source: The Verge]
  11. PandoLive

    PandoLIVE is LIVE right now. Listen LIVE.

    It’s Monday, which means it must be time for another PandoLIVE. Listen LIVE here.
  12. marcbenioff

    Marc Benioff eviscerates Indiana over anti-gay law… even though Salesforce contributes to anti-gay politicians

    Marc Benioff, CEO of the Silicon Valley cloud computing giant Salesforce, is on a crusade against the state of Indiana after its governor Mike Pence signed a “Religious Liberty” law that many opponents fear could be used to discriminate against consumers on the basis of sexual orientation. Since the passage of the law, Benioff has cancelled all required travel of Salesforce employees to the state of Indiana and has pledged to “dramatically reduce [Salesforce’s] investment in IN based…
  14. Tesla D

    Elon Musk created nearly $1B in value today with a single tweet

    So much for haters who like to dismiss the impact and growth of Twitter. Today the world – and particularly Wall Street – got a master class in the power of a few well placed words, when a single tweet by Tesla (and SpaceX) CEO Elon Musk cause the electric car maker’s stock to jump nearly 4 percent in just 10 minutes – adding a staggering $900 million to the company’s market cap in just 115 characters. What new…
  15. Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 9.55.50 AM

    The War Nerd: To lighten the mood, here’s the cheery tale of Dammaj

    One of the weirdest stories to come out of the war in Yemen is the Siege of Dammaj. In a small way, it was a microcosm of the Sunni/Shia world-wide conflict. But a goofy, almost endearing microcosm, with a lot of enthusiastic kids flocking to a little Yemeni town, comic blog posts, and only a few casualties. You could cast Selena Gomez and Pharrell in the movie. At the moment I’ll take all the cheery stories I can get out…
  16. uber

    Uber’s troublesome relationship with Project 5 Starr

    Uber offers drivers whose accounts have been deactivated a choice: attend a class that requires them to pass an exam, or take a class that doesn’t. The latter has been informed by Uber employees, and the company has sent thousands of drivers to it, according to a report from BuzzFeed. Why is that a problem? Because Uber isn’t supposed to provide its drivers with formal training; doing so makes them bona fide employees, not independent contractors. [Source: BuzzFeed]
  18. neighborhood

    The racists next door: Why Nextdoor’s racial profiling “problem” isn’t the company’s fault — it’s society’s

    Last week, on Fusion, neighborhood social network Nextdoor made the kind of headlines every startup founder dreads: “Nextdoor… is becoming a home for racial profiling.” Ouch. Questions swirled around the Pando office, like: How widespread is this behavior, and is the company doing everything it can to combat it? Is this just another salacious, clickbait headline, or is it more serious, like Nextdoor’s equivalent of MySpace’s pedophiles or Airbnb’s methheads moments? I spoke to Nextdoor, hoping to get…
  19. factory

    With a new experimental space in Boston, Autodesk wants to bring manufacturing back to cities

    Global computer design company Autodesk has unveiled today the location for the East Coast version of its Pier 9 facility, an experimental maker space geared towards the creative class. The new space, located in the Marine Industrial Park in the Drydock area of South Boston, will have a much different focus than its Bay Area predecessor, focusing specifically on construction design as well as innovation in fabrication processes and manufacturing materials. The company is hoping that the new downtown Boston…
  20. tatteredflag

    Federal agents charged with stealing from Silk Road during undercover investigation

    Silk Road was shut down because it facilitated the illegal sale of drugs, firearms, malware, and other black market wares found on the deep Web. Its shuttering was supposed to be a feather in the cap of a government struggling to keep pace with criminals’ increasing reliance on computers over street corners. But two federal agents thought it could serve another purpose: making them rich. The New York Times reports that the two agents — one from the Drug Enforcement…

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