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  1. strictly-business

    YouTube expands original content offerings

    YouTube has partnered with some of its biggest stars and various film companies to offer new scripted series, feature-length films, and other original content. The stars with which it has partnered have collectively received more than 13 billion views on the service. [Source: YouTube]
  3. elsewhere

    Judge denies Silk Road retrial

    A judge has decided not to give Ross Ulbricht, the man convicted of founding the illicit Silk Road marketplace, a retrial after news broke that two federal agents involved in the case have been charged with corruption. [Source: Wired]
  4. elsewhere

    TWC open to Charter merger

    Time Warner Cable might not be able to merge with Comcast, thanks to stiff opposition from essentially anyone who heard about the $45.2 billion proposal, but it’s still looking to sell itself off to someone. That someone might just be Charter Communications, whose merger offers the company previously denied in favor of the Comcast merger. [Source: Reuters]
  5. strictly-business

    Scanadu raises $35M

    Scanadu, the startup trying to make Star Trek’s tri-corder a reality, has raised $35 million funding round led by Tencent and Focus. The company previously raised funding for its health scanner on Indiegogo, and is currently working with the Food and Drug Administration to clear the device for popular use. [Source: The Wall Street Journal]
  7. pandora_vs_radio

    Is the Songwriter Equity Act a good idea? Or just another weapon in the record industry’s fight against Pandora?

    It’s no mystery that streaming music companies and major constituents within the record industry are at odds. Many musicians, whether they’re songwriters, performing artists, or both, feel they are not compensated fairly for their work — and a lot of them aren’t. Meanwhile, companies like Pandora and Spotify already pay massive portions of their revenue to music rights holders but have yet to achieve sustained profitability and are therefore reluctant to increase these payments. Spotify continually claims that it pays around 70 percent of…
  8. PandoLive_MG_3935_web

    Listen LIVE to PandoLIVE, LIVE right now

    It’s Monday, so it must be time for PandoLIVE. On this week’s show, Sarah and I are joined in the studio by Dan Raile. We’ll be talking about Uber, Silicon Valley, Airbnb, Steve Jobs… and many, many other search engine keywords. Listen live right here.
  9. sports-fan-mobile

    ESPN pisses off some, delights many, by bringing pro video gaming to primetime

    Video games are big money — an $111 billion business according to Gartner — and not just through the sales of games, consoles, and in-game purchases. There are whole cottage industries around the gaming industry that include merchandise, gamer-related content, and eSports. If you’ve never heard of eSports, the professional competition circuit of the gaming world, you aren’t alone. But as the events, prize money, and celebrity-making opportunity of eSports continue to grow, it’s likely eSports will…
  11. ocean

    “The last great analog frontier.” With new growth round, Windward sets sail to digitize the high seas

    It seems that we’re rapidly approaching the point at which all important activity on planet Earth will be captured for immediate analysis. Airline crashes caught spectacularly by dashcam. The polar ice cap regularly measured by specialized satellites. Shocking police violence recorded by citizen smartphones. Ubiquitous digital surveillance draws us inexorably toward the panopticon. So it’s surprising to learn that we actually know very little detail about what’s happening on fully three quarters of our planet’s surface. The…
  12. silicon-valley-sean-parker-guy

    Douche ex machina: “Silicon Valley” –and Pied Piper — find their savior in the show’s very own Sean Parker

    Both Silicon Valley and its protagonists’ startup Pied Piper may have found their savior — and it arrived in a McLaren the color of a Flintstone Push-Up Pop, blaring Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie.” At the end of last week’s episode, Richard and the rest of the Pied Piper team faced one of two seemingly inevitable fates: Either the company could fight the baseless lawsuit brought against it by the Google-esque company Hooli and likely go bankrupt in the process, or sell the…
  14. parrot-facebook-twitter

    Looking for “the next Facebook”? It’s actually one of Zuckerberg’s own properties: Messenger

    Facebook will now allow consumers to make high definition video calls with the mobile applications for Messenger, the dedicated communications service that has become a social platform unto itself around the world. The feature is free to use and available right now in the Messenger applications for iOS and Android devices. A Windows Phone release hasn’t been revealed, and it’s not clear if the feature will eventually come to Messenger’s desktop site. Video calls are the latest in Facebook’s efforts to…
  15. smart-watches-are-dumb

    Apple Watch buyers feel the agony of its tick-tock release, as the company struggles to fill orders

    Perhaps the most interesting thing about Apple is how it’s managed to produce so many devices, so quickly, year after year after year. Designing an iPhone is laudable; shipping millions of iPhones is awe worthy. Yet it seems that the company may not keep that racket going much longer. Slice Intelligence reports that of the 1.7 million people who pre-ordered an Apple Watch, only about 376,000 of them received one in the mail last weekend. That might seem impressive. Apple is entering…
  16. bentley

    The War Nerd: Bentleys for Houthis!

    The Saudis are finally getting some bang out of all the bucks they’ve spent on weapons over the past 50 years, with Saudi planes bombing Yemen for more than a month now. There was a short, very short, break in late April, when the campaign was supposed to shift gears to a more “political” phase, but that lasted, oh, a few hours. Literally a few hours. The break was announced on April 21, and on April 22, the inevitable headline…
  18. apple-press-release

    Discover will soon support Apple Pay

    Discover has announced that its credit cards will soon be compatible with Apple Pay, the tool that allows people to purchase goods with their iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches instead of with a physical credit card. This deal means Apple Pay now supports all major credit cards. [Source: Discover]
  19. tor-freaks

    Some ‘random jerks’ compromised Tor exit nodes to spy on an email service

    An email provider that uses the Tor network to promise its users some degree of anonymity revealed Thursday that someone attempted to spy on its users by operating at least 70 of the exit nodes that connect Tor users to the “clearnet.” SIGAINT, the provider in question, suggests an intelligence agency was trying to spy on its users. It claims that the scope of the operation, combined with the lack of law enforcement requests in the month preceding…
  20. Overheard

    “In many ways, the Internet of the future will feel different from the Internet we know today. Instead of seeking it out, we’ll be surrounded by it. And instead of extracting data from it, we’ll be fed a constant stream of curated, personalized information to help us solve problems and live better—and live better together.”


    — Nest's Tony Fadell


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