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    EU to consolidate rules, open antitrust probe into e-commerce sector

    The European Union plans to “dump the patchwork of 28 different rules that currently govern the continent’s technology sector” and replace them with a single, unified market, according to the Courthouse News Service. It will also open an antitrust probe into Europe’s e-commerce sector. [Source: Courthouse News Service]
  3. strictly-business

    YouTube tests high-resolution, high-framerate videos

    YouTube is currently allowing some of its users to upload videos in 4K, the ultra high-resolution successor to plain-jane “1080p,” that plays at 60 frames per second. The result? Incredibly detailed, smooth-looking videos that most people won’t be able to watch because of their Internet connections or the relative weakness of their computers and Web browsers. [Source: The Verge]
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    China reportedly attacks GitHub

    China is said to have launched a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against GitHub, the site that allows developers to share code with each other, back up their projects, and do all kinds of other things with their work. The attack is said to have specifically targeted GitHub pages for GreatFire, the anti-censorship group in China, and a page it set up for the New York Times, which along with other outlets is banned from the country. [Source:
  5. strictly-business

    DoorDash raises $40M

    DoorDash has raised a $40 million funding round led by Kleiner Perkins, whose John Doerr will also be taking a seat on its board. The company offers a food-delivery service in Chicago, Boston, and Washington, DC, in addition to several markets in California. [Source: DoorDash]
  7. facebook-drone

    As Facebook successfully tests its first drone, privacy questions loom

    Facebook has successfully tested one of its solar-powered, Internet-delivering drones in the United Kingdom, according to a blog post from Mark Zuckerberg. The drones are said to have the same wingspan as a commercial airplane, but are only expected to weigh about as much as a small car. This lightweight build should allow the aircraft to remain in the skies for extended periods of time. Facebook plans to use the drones to deliver Internet connectivity to millions of…
  8. General Images Of Mobile Devices In Use As Competition For New Japan Subscribers Intensify

    Life360 takes family peace of mind overseas with Yahoo! Japan partnership

    The desire to remain close to and protect one’s family is as universal as anything, transcending language and culture. Which is why it’s little surprise that adoption of Life360, the family social network, has grown organically around the world despite limited localization efforts by the company to date. Today, the company is taking a more proactive approach to international expansion via a partnership with Yahoo! Japan and a dedicated product for that market. Usage of Life360 spiked in Japan…
  9. elsewhere

    Leshi TV compares Apple to Nazis

    Chinese video service Leshi TV has compared Apple to the Nazis by publishing a cartoon of Hitler wearing a red armband with the Apple logo in place of the swastika on its official Weibo account. And here we thought Microsoft’s old “Scroogled” attack ads against Google were unsporting. [Source: The Verge]
  11. strictly-business

    Magic said to be raising $12M

    Magic, the service that allows consumers to text various requests (restaurant reservations, flight tickets, grocery orders) to a single number that coordinates with other companies, is reportedly raising $12 million at a $40 million valuation. Sequoia is said to be leading the round. [Source: TechCrunch]
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    Tim Cook to donate wealth to charity

    Fortune reports that Apple chief executive Tim Cook plans to donate all his wealth, minus the cost of his 10-year-old nephew’s education, to charities. Cook is said to have already made some donations, but he wants to create a more “systematic approach to philanthropy” instead of “simply writing checks,” the report says. Cook’s net work is currently $120 million. [Source: Fortune]
  14. india

    Here’s why Accel just committed $305 million to startups in India

    If you Google “startups” and virtually any city or nation in the world, you’ll inevitably find true believers insisting that such-and-such region is the new Silicon Valley. Some writers still even refer to their pet region as “Silicon <insert naturally-occurring geographic phenomenon here>” — though thankfully this practice has fallen out of favor. (No matter how excited you are about software enterprises in Panama, there is no such thing as a “Silicon Isthmus.”) But when it comes to India, Asia’s third largest economy, the…
  15. nypd-viral-marketing

    Unfazed by #myNYPD disaster, the NYPD turns to social media to hear public complaints

    No matter how many times the New York Police Department is burned when it tries to reach the public on social media, it still seems to believe the disconnect between officers and the public can be bridged with a hashtag or status update. The New York Times reports that the NYPD wants to provide the public with a platform through which they can air their concerns — so long as those concerns are centered on abandoned bikes, traffic congestion, and other minor issues.…
  16. amazongif

    Amazon demands employees sign 18-month non-compete agreement to get a three-month-long job

    Amazon’s warehouse workers have it rough. The positions are often seasonal, pay little more than minimum wage, and require workers to be searched before leaving the warehouse, a sometimes-lengthy process for which they aren’t paid. And that’s forgetting the exhausting labor and long shifts these jobs require. Yet the problems don’t end there. The Verge reports that these workers must sign non-compete agreements, even if they’re only employed for the season, and permanent workers must agree to honor…
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    The one wild possibility missing from most of the equally baseless Germanwings speculation

    French prosecutors have said they believe the Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed his Airbus 320 into the mountain after locking the plane’s captain out of the cockpit. If that horrifying theory turns out to be correct, the question millions of air passengers will want answered, and fast, is: Why? Right now, most people seem keen to blame either terrorism, or mental illness. So far we don’t know much about the co-pilot, 28-year-old Andreas Lubitz, except that he comes from suburban Germany, loved flying, and that his…
  19. strictly-business

    Slack to raise up to $160M at $2.76B valuation

    The Wall Street Journal has more details about Slack’s new funding round: the company is set to raise up to $160 million at a $2.76 billion valuation from numerous investors. Horizons Ventures is said to be the largest contributor to the round with a $50 million investment. Here’s a clip from our PandoMonthly interview with Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield, who said that valuations are “arbitrary as fuck.” [Source: WSJ]
  20. pando-inside-baseball

    HBO and Vice announce new deal

    HBO has announced a new partnership with Vice which will result in the magazine-turned-media-giant producing a daily news show, more special features, and the creation of a dedicated Vice channel on the upcoming HBO Now streaming service. [Source: HBO]

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