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  1. uber

    After recent scandal, almost half of Uber drivers say they’ll drive less for Uber now

    “Uber riders were quick to talk about deleting the Uber app in response to last week’s privacy concerns and backlash. But drivers also said they would take a stand and leave the app behind, a recent survey found.” – Forbes
  3. PandoLive_MG_3935_web

    Listen again to this week’s PandoLIVE: Google, weev, Ryan Leslie and more

    In this week’s PandoLIVE we tried to talk as little as possible about Uber. Instead we discussed Northern Irish startups, Dan Raile’s excellent weev story, David Holmes’ profile of rapper turned entrepreneur Ryan Leslie, the UK wanting to break up Google, why we can’t have nice things in the tech world anymore. Listen again below: (Photo by Geoffrey Ellis)SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting!  Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free hosting from Rackspace.
  4. pomplamoose2

    Pomplamoose 2014 Tour Profits (or Lack Thereof)

    This article was originally published on Medium and is reprinted here with the permission of the author. Pomplamoose just finished a 28-day tour. We played 24 shows in 23 cities around the United States. It was awesome: Nataly crowd surfed for the first time ever, we sold just under $100,000 in tickets, and we got to rock out with people we love for a full month. We sold 1129 tickets in San Francisco at the…
  5. Screen Shot 2014-11-28 at 2.02.55 PM

    How a fake Star Wars trailer reveals everything wrong with “content journalism”

    If you’ve spent any time consuming “content” today, you know that a new trailer is out for J.J. Abrams’ “Star Wars” reboot. You know it because virtually every news site on the planet, including Huffington Post, CNNthe Verge, Wired, Forbes, and ABC News, has “written” about it in a mad dash for those delicious Internet clicks. Now I guess you can add Pando to that list. But one outlet, eager to…
  7. spying

    Regulators demand more transparency from tech firms that track users

    European regulators have published an opinion arguing that website operators should disclose all methods employed to track consumers around the Web, instead of only having to inform visitors when they’re being tracked via “cookies.” The move demonstrates the difficulty with which policies attempt to keep pace with technical innovations. Website operators started employing alternatives to cookie-based tracking tools in earnest after regulators required their disclosure to consumers in 2012. Now they’re being told to disclose the use of these “silent…
  8. Overheard

    RadioShack is a rotten place to work, generally not a very good place to shop, and an untenable business to run. Everyone involved loses.

    — Jon Bois in a eulogy for Radioshack

  9. uber_background_checks

    Uber faces a class action lawsuit over use of credit reports during background checks

    Uber’s legal problems are piling up. The company is fighting for regulatory clearance to operate in numerous jurisdictions, including, most recently, Nevada. At the same time, it’s being sued by the National Federation of the Blind for discrimination against blind people and service dogs. Another lawsuit accuses the company of charging bogus surcharges and tolls to passengers traveling to and from Boston’s Logan Airport. As of Monday, the company can add one more fight to that list, as…
  11. elsewhere

    Here’s the first trailer for the new Star Wars movie

    Let’s not pretend this is being posted for any reason besides it being Black Friday, which means that it’s an already-slow news day that also happens to follow the United States’ celebration of over-consumption in all its forms. Anyway, yeah, here’s a link to the trailer for the new Star Wars movie. Happy Friday. [Source: The Verge]
  12. pando-breaking-news-small

    Syrian Electronic Army attacks news, retail sites

    The Syrian Electronic Army attacked on Thursday a third-party service provider used by a number of news and retail sites, including the Boston Globe’s website, to disrupt their service. The sites are back up now, and no personal data is thought to have been compromised by the attack. [Source: The Boston Globe]
  14. PandoLive_MG_3935_web

    Listen to the full audio of last week’s PandoLIVE where we find out Uber wanted to “go after” Sarah’s family

    I’m late putting up the full audio of last week’s PandoLIVE. Apologies. It’s been a funny couple of weeks. In this episode, Sarah and I spend the first hour talking about our trip to London, Dan Raile’s tremendous reporting on Abdul-Rahman Kassig, Google becoming the world’s biggest lobbyist and the varied charms of Croydon. And then the Uber news breaks… … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting!  Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free hosting from Rackspace.
  15. barney_drunk

    A War Nerd Thanksgiving: All you drunks, be thankful you’re not in Kuwait

    KUWAIT CITY—Alcohol is illegal in Kuwait. That doesn’t mean there’s no alcohol here. The place is swimming in it. It’s just illegal. And that’s where the grim fun called Prohibition gets down to business. My favorite thing about the booze ban is watching you drunks stumble around embarrassing yourselves worse than any druggie trying to score in an unfamiliar neighborhood. Shame, humiliation—that’s one thing about Prohibition that most people don’t get. It’s just so goddamn embarrassing. And back in the…
  16. pando-breaking-news-small

    European Parliament votes to break up Google

    The European Parliament has voted to break Google into multiple companies. The vote isn’t binding — Google doesn’t yet have to figure out how to divide itself into a few parts. But it does show that the parliament’s members are serious about wanting the rest of the European Union to bring formal antitrust charges against the company. [Source: The New York Times]
  18. elsewhere

    GoDrone: active camera company reportedly developing UAVs

    The Wall Street Journal reports that GoPro, the company best known for the wearable cameras that allow their users to film sporting events from their perspectives, is working on camera-equipped drones. The devices are expected to be available to consumers “late next year” and will cost “between $500 and $1,000.” [Source: The Wall Street Journal]
  19. pando-breaking-news-small

    The back of your iPhone’s about to get a whole lot prettier

    A new law will allow companies to include mandatory labels from the Federal Communications Commission in software menus instead of on the back of the device, a move which has been described as bringing the law requiring all those icons into the 21st century. Now Apple won’t have to be pissed every time it designs a phone and then has to stamp the FCC labels on after the fact. [Source: The Hill]
  20. Uber

    The ACLU weighs in on Uber, but underestimates its power

    From Senators to late night talk show hosts, the chorus of voices responding to Uber’s controversy over targeting and tracking journalists keeps growing. And now the American Civil Liberties Union has weighed in — and while its calls for Uber to strengthen user privacy protections and release regular transparency reports are sound prescriptions, I wonder if the ACLU isn’t downplaying the seriousness of Uber’s transgressions. For example, Senior Policy Analyst Jay Stanley says Uber’s brazen flouting of good data stewardship…

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