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  1. sad-child-portrait

    A tech earnings season to forget. But also worth thinking about

    As earnings seasons go, the parade of financial reports these past few weeks is one that many tech companies will be happy to forget. But it’s also the kind of disappointing season some may be seeing more in the future. The tech-earnings season for the financial quarter through March began three weeks ago with Intel’s inaugural report. In the period since then, the NASDAQ Composite Index has lost a little less than 1 percent – flat, basically. A handful of…
  3. broke-ass-stuart

    Broke Ass Stuart, Hipster Citizen Kane

    Another San Francisco media entrepreneur has completed an impressive round of funding to keep the dream alive. Local raconteur Stuart Schuffman, alias Broke Ass Stuart, surmounted his own pseudonym as his IndieGoGo campaign reached its $30k goal just before the closing bell on Friday. “I’m dissapointed in my rich friends,” Schuffman told me yesterday afternoon over his tea. “I was shocked that many of those who have the money didn’t give, and most of the 600 people who did were the ones who…
  4. strictly-business

    Twitter CFO becomes head of marketing

    Twitter’s chief financial officer, Anthony Noto, has become the company’s new marketing head. Noto’s tenure at Twitter is perhaps most notable because he accidentally revealed a looming acquisition plan with a direct message fail before his account was hacked. What could go wrong? [Source: The Verge]
  5. elsewhere

    French parliament approves surveillance bill

    France’s parliament has approved a surveillance bill meant to help the country monitor the communications of suspected terrorists. Intelligence agencies will be given expanded capabilities as a result of the bill’s passing, and an oversight committee has been formed to address concerns about the privacy implications. [Source: BBC]
  7. money-bag

    Surprise! “Uber for money” might actually be a good idea

    Uber for money” sounds like Travis Kalanick’s wet dream. Just imagine a black car filled with hundred-dollar bills… it’s the logical conclusion to the company’s focus on the 1 percent. It’s also something a bank in Poland has invented. Idea Bank plans to use a fleet of BMWs that accept deposits from business accountholders so they don’t have to transport all their cash themselves. Business owners simply ask for a car to be at a specific location at…
  8. too-old-for-instagram

    Microsoft’s wildly inaccurate “How Old Do I Look?” is a data miner’s dream

    Microsoft thinks I’m a 39-year-old man. I know this because I, along with countless others, uploaded a photo to the company’s “How Old Do I Look?” site. It’s a neat gimmick, even if its estimates are usually off by a couple decades. It’s also a pretty good way for the site’s developers to collect all kinds of data. Fast Company pointed out that many people were uploading pictures of their faces to a website that…
  9. work

    Elance-oDesk rebrands as Upwork, starts new chapter as the freelance marketplace for the information age

    Well-known freelancer marketplace Elance-oDesk unveiled new hiring technology today, and, at the cost of the brand cache it has built since it launched a decade ago, rebranding as Upwork. The move is based on the belief that the company is poised to be the leader in the freelancer industry starts a new phase of its existence. Stephane Kasriel, who was named the chief executive of Upwork last month, believes that within six years the company will hit $10…
  11. strictly-business

    Delivery Hero acquires Yemeksepeti for $589M

    Delivery Hero has acquired Yemeksepeti, another food delivery service, to bolster its operations in the Middle East. The deal was made with $589 million in cash and stock, and will give Delivery Hero an expanded presence in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. [Source: Bloomberg Business]
  12. elsewhere

    Motorola ordered to pay $10M in patent suit

    Motorola Mobility has been ordered to pay $10.2 million in damages to Fujifilm for violating the imaging company’s patents by using its technologies in various smartphones without receiving proper consent. Fujifilm sought $40 million in damages; it’s been granted just over one-fourth of that figure. [Source: Reuters]
  14. apple-functionality

    Apple’s finally going to fix the Apple TV’s awful remote

    Apple is expected to fix one of the worst things about the Apple TV: its remote. The New York Times reports that the remote, which currently has a circular dial and two face buttons, will be updated with a touchscreen at Apple’s developer conference in June. It will also be thicker and boast the same physical buttons. This report meshes with what BuzzFeed reported about the new Apple TV in March. The device is expected to have a new…
  15. strictly-business

    CloudGenix raises $25M

    CloudGenix has raised $25 million from Bain Capital Ventures and other investors to continue offering its “software for managing networks across multiple data centers.” It’s raised a total of $34 million. [Source: VentureBeat]
  16. elsewhere

    Google acquires Timeful

    Google has acquired the startup behind Timeful, a smart scheduling tool, and will use the app’s technologies to improve scheduling in its products. Terms of the deal haven’t been disclosed, and it’s not clear how many members of Timeful’s team will be joining Google’s ranks. [Source: Fast Company]
  18. unicorn-

    Twilio raises $100M at $1B valuation

    Twilio has raised $100 million at a valuation of at least $1 billion. Details about the round — such as the participating investors, or whether it’s even closed — still haven’t been released. [Source: Forbes]
  19. music-2013

    Streaming royalties suck, but a new Bandpage-StubHub deal finds even more ways to get artists paid

    It’s easy to forget the enormous importance of Myspace for musicians in the mid-2000s. I played in a forgettable yet fun — or us at least — college band, and before the music-centric social network rose to prominence, having a web presence meant operating your own site out in the seemingly desolate wilds of the web. Without any way to connect directly to fans or other artists beyond email, these sites felt like pretty far-flung destinations, virtually invisible to Google without…
  20. silicon-valley-carla-

    After going three whole episodes without being sexist, the gender problems of HBO’s “Silicon Valley” are back!

    Last season at its worst, HBO’s Silicon Valley was unfunny, boring, sexist, and insulting to Valley workers who don’t fit neatly into the awkward-straight-male-obsessed-with-his-own-penis paradigm. So call it an improvement, if you will: For the first three episodes, this new season at its worst was merely unfunny and boring — not sexist and insulting — as it interfaced with Silicon Valley’s “female problem” in a way that at least endeavored toward complexity. Yes, there were still patriarchal undertones, but nothing worse than what’s…

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