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  1. sorry-obama

    The Apologiator: President Obama takes responsibility, again. And again. And again…

    Obama did it again: After news broke that his drone assassins killed two Al Qaeda hostages in Pakistan, including American aid worker Warren Weinstein, the president took “full responsibility” and offered his “deepest apologies.” It’s an old habit of his, running around the country and the world, taking responsibility for everything, including things he had nothing to do with. Obama learned to take responsibility for things as a kind of motor reflex, and in doing so, he’s hollowed out whatever…
  3. pando-breaking-news-small

    Oracle Wage-Fixing Class Action Suit Moves Forward

    San Jose District Court Judge Lucy Koh rejected Oracle’s motions to dismiss a class action wage-theft lawsuit. Last year, Pando broke the story on Oracle’s role in the illegal Techtopus conspiracy to fix hi-tech employees’ wages and mobility. [Source: Courthouse News]
  4. nsa

    German intelligence agency knew NSA was spying on European leaders as early as 2008

    Germany has been one of the harshest critics of the National Security Agency surveillance programs revealed by whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013. Yet a new report from Der Spiegel indicates that the NSA spied on world leaders with the help of the country’s electronic surveillance agency, the German BND. This cooperation was revealed as the result of a parliamentary investigation into the relationship between the German BND and the NSA. The inquiry showed that the NSA…
  5. elsewhere

    Appery incorporates MetaCert security API

    Appery has included the MetaCert security API, which checks links in mobile applications to ensure that malware isn’t being served over the Web, into its “cloud-based platform with visual development tools and integrated backend services.” MetaCert revealed the security API earlier this year. [Source: Appery]
  7. crowdfunding

    GoFundMe, the bigot’s platform of choice, said to be fundraising at $500M valuation

    GoFundMe is reportedly raising funds at a roughly $500 million valuation to help expand its “very profitable” — and controversial — crowdfunding platform. TechCrunch’s report on the funding round is full of important information. Accel Partners* could lead the round. The valuation could change because of the success GoFundMe found as a bootstrapped company. Nothing, as per usual, is set in stone until the official press release is sent out. Yet there’s something you won’t find in TechCrunch’s report on the funding: GoFundMe’s…
  8. strictly-business

    IVP raises $1.4B fund

    Institutional Venture Partners has raised a $1.4 billion fund — its largest to date — to invest in late-stage companies. The firm now has $5.4 billion of capital under management and reportedly plans to invest between $10 million and $100 million in 10 to 15 companies every year. [Source: Bloomberg Business]
  9. Overheard

    “Now is our time. Together, we will continue to prove that Time Warner Cable can and will create value for our customers, shareholders, each other, and the communities we serve. I’m proud to stand alongside you and lead the way forward.”

    — Time Warner Cable CEO Rob Marcus

  11. facebook-taking-over

    Facebook is revamping its notifications tab to make you waste even more time on Facebook

    Facebook is experimenting with a new feature that makes it easier for its users to learn about birthdays, read local news, and find other items of importance. Mashable reports that the feature will be coming to mobile users in the United States first before it debuts worldwide. Facebook confirmed the changes to Mashable and said the feature is meant to bring “additional, relevant content about everything that might be helpful to know on a particular day” to its app.…
  12. bad_apple

    Apple security comes under scrutiny at RSA Conference

    Researchers are hell-bent on disproving the notion that Apple’s products can’t be hacked, manipulated, or screwed around with like competitive offerings. First, Skycure revealed at the RSA Conference that someone could create “no iOS zones” that crash iPhones and iPads by exploiting a bug in Apple’s software. As the security researchers explained in a blog post about the crippling hack: Envision a small device, which automatically captures any iOS device in range and gets it to…
  14. elsewhere

    Google Maps has an… ‘interesting’ easter egg

    Google Maps features an easter egg which shows the robotic character from the company’s Android logo urinating on the Apple logo. Google told the Guardian that the drawing was added via Google Map Maker, which allows consumers to contribute to the navigation tool, and will be removed. [Source: The Guardian]
  15. pando-breaking-news-small

    Comcast officially abandons TWC deal

    Comcast has officially abandoned the $45.2 billion merger with Time Warner Cable that would have given the combined company control over roughly 57 percent of the United States’ broadband market. [Source: Comcast]
  16. Overheard

    “All of the leaked TPP chapters concerning digital policy confirm that this deal will harm users’ rights, in the United States and abroad. We cannot allow international deals that are decided through an opaque, corporate-dominated process to take hold and disempower current and future generations of Internet users. That is why we stand firmly opposed to the Fast Track bill—because it would eliminate the kind of oversight that we need to prevent such anti-user deals to pass in secret.”

    — The Electronic Frontier Foundation on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

  18. strictly-business

    ClassPass acquires FitMob

    ClassPass, the service which allows people to pay a flat monthly fee to access unlimited fitness and wellness classes, has acquired a competitor, FitMob. The two services will combine, though it’s not clear how the merged company will handle studios available on FitMob but not ClassPass. [Source: TechCrunch]
  19. elsewhere

    Snapchat ‘hack’ allows unlimited recording

    Snapchat imposes a time limit on recordings uploaded to its service. Now it seems that double-tapping the iPhone’s Home button while recording a video nixes this restriction, allowing people to upload content that runs as long as they want it to run, at least until the bug is fixed. [Source: The Verge]
  20. elsewhere

    KPCB seeks $973K for compensation of legal fees for Pao case

    Reuters reports that lawyers for Kleiner Perkins filed this morning to recover $973,000 in legal costs stemming from their successful defense of gender discrimination claims brought by Ellen Pao, indicating they would drop the matter if Pao agrees not to appeal the ruling. Pao has not indicated whether she plans to appeal. [Source: Reuters]

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