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  1. silicon-valley-richard

    On HBO’s “Silicon Valley,” Richard is finally embracing the unethical ruthlessness of tech’s most storied CEOs

    One of the major disadvantages of watching a show week-to-week as opposed to binging on Netflix is that a program may feel unfocused and adrift, even as its putting the pieces in place for a major and satisfying story development. That’s certainly been the case for Silicon Valley over the past few weeks, as disparate plot points and characters, from the introduction of Hooli’s XYZ Moonshot department to the aborted livestream event for Homicide energy drink, make the show feel more episodic than…
  3. iwatch-security

    Got a wearable? Almost anybody can track you using simple technology

    Your smartwatch can be tracked. Wearable products need to transmit data to function. Many don’t work without a connection to a smartphone. And because it would be silly to walk around with a cord between the devices, that connection is made via Bluetooth Low Energy. Context Information Security has found that these connections can be used to identify smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other products that rely on BLE. And they’ve released an Android app that can track these signals…
  4. snapchat-continues-to-impress

    The secret to Snapchat’s success? Intuition, not data

    Bloomberg Business has published a fascinating feature about Snapchat chief executive Evan Spiegel’s efforts to turn the startup into a functioning company. The entire thing is worth a read, but I want to call attention to one thread in the piece: Spiegel’s efforts to build something that isn’t controlled entirely by data. There’s a stark difference between analysis and intuition. The former tells you what people think they want; the second allows you to guess what they might…
  5. Overheard

    “As so many big-name companies say they’re seeking to advance the role of women in the tech industry, GoDaddy is an example of real progress. Known more for its sexism than its technology, it was in an even deeper hole than most. But now, says Telle Whitney, the CEO of the Anita Borg Institute, ‘GoDaddy outperforms the norm’—at least in terms of female hiring, starting with its CTO.”

    — Wired reports that changes are happening at GoDaddy

  7. pando-inside-baseball

    Knowingly acquires Gigaom

    Knowingly Corp. has acquired Gigaom’s domain name and content library with plans to relaunch the site on August 15. Gigaom suspended operations in March when it was unable to pay its debtors; many of its staffers have joined other publications. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. [Source: New York Observer]
  8. apple-functionality

    Apple might finally fix iOS’ damn shift key

    Apple is expected to finally fix the fucking shift key when it releases iOS 9 later this year. It also plans to expand Apple Pay to Canada, improve its atrocious iMessage service, and bring the awfully-named “Force Touch” technology to a device that might be called the iPhone 6s. [Source: 9to5Mac]
  9. elsewhere

    Periscope heads to Android

    Periscope, the live-streaming service Twitter released as an iPhone application earlier this year, has finally come to Android. The app was beaten to Google’s mobile platform by its primary competitor, Meerkat, earlier this month. [Source: The Verge]
  11. emc

    EMC continues to push beyond the server, acquiring cloud company Virtustream for $1.2 billion

    EMC is one of the more divisive companies in the Boston tech scene. Depending on who you talk to, you are likely to get a different opinion on the multinational data storage giant. The company is one of the largest employers in the state of Massachusetts, so it has a supportive block of employees. However, EMC is also considered the key antagonist in the battle to eliminate non-compete laws enforcement in Mass. It has been very active in legally pursuing —…
  12. uber-playing-nice

    Cabbies in Mexico City and London protest competition from Uber

    Hundreds of taxi drivers have snarled traffic in Mexico City to protest what they believe are unfair advantages given to on-demand services like Uber and Cabify. Protestors have said that drivers for these services aren’t subject to the same regulations, licensing fees, or fare minimums as the city’s official taxi drivers. This makes it harder for licensed cabs to compete with on-demand services. The Wall Street Journal reports that Mexico City’s government plans to resolve the issues between…
  14. strictly-business files for IPO has filed to raise $75 million through an initial public offering. The company offers a home security system, a smart thermostat, and home cameras through partners who lock consumers in with multi-year contracts. It’s not clear when it plans to go public, or on which exchange it will list. [Source: Fortune]
  15. press-release

    Microsoft takes virtual assistant to iPhone and Android

    Microsoft has announced that its virtual assistant, Cortana, will be available on iPhone and Android when Windows 10 debuts later this year. The company also plans to build stronger connections between the mobile platforms and Windows with the release, which seems like a tacit admission that Windows Phone isn’t going to overthrow its competitors any time soon. [Source: The Windows Blog]
  16. pando-breaking-news-small

    Charter plans to buy TWC for $55B

    Charter has reached an agreement to acquire Time Warner Cable, which hoped to merge with Comcast before regulatory scrutiny put the kibosh on that deal, for $55 billion in cash and stock. The combined company would be the second-largest cable provider in the United States, behind Comcast. [Source: Bloomberg Business]
  18. PandoLive_MG_3935_web

    Listen LIVE to PandoLIVE right now

    It’s Monday which means it’s time for another episode of PandoLIVE. We’re joined this week by Pando’s Dan Raile to talk Bitcoin sexism and SF small businesses disrupting themselves to survive. Listen live right here.
  19. apple-press-release

    Apple creates new position for Jony Ive

    Jony Ive, the man who has designed Apple’s hardware products for almost two decades and its software products for three, has been promoted to chief design officer. Apple created this position specifically for Ive, who will hand off his managerial duties and focus on, well, designing things. [Source: 9to5Mac]
  20. Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 1.00.14 PM

    As Blockchain Summit kicks off, angry women can piss off

    It’s been a little over a month now since Bill Tai and the other organizers of the Blockchain Summit announced the moderators and participants lists for their inaugural event on Richard Branson’s private Caribbean isle. The four-day event promised to assemble the world’s “greatest minds in digital innovation” to “define the future.” The Bilderbergian aspirations of the Summit can easily be dismissed as mere breathless PR. The idea of hosting an event on a billionaire’s private island to celebrate a revolutionary peer-to-peer financial…

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