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    Pianist wants to use “right to be forgotten” to have negative review removed

    Today in “You’re Doing It Wrong”: Pianist Dejan Lazic wrote a letter to the Washington Post asking that they remove a negative review under the EU’s “Right to be Forgotten” law. First off, it’s Google he should be petitioning, not the Post, and in which case the review wouldn’t be removed from the Internet, it would simply be removed from search results in Europe. And second off, I don’t think a negative yet fair concert review in a major newspaper…
  3. elsewhere

    Google CEO Larry Page on robots taking our jobs

    “You’re going to have some very amazing capabilities in the economy. When we have computers that can do more and more jobs, it’s going to change how we think about work. There’s no way around that. You can’t wish it away.” [Source: FT]
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    Reports are true: Slack raised $120M at a $1.12B valuation

    Last week it was reported that enterprise software startup Slack had raised $120 million, and today Now the company has confirmed those reports. Kleiner Perkins and Google Ventures led the round. For more on Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield’s unlikely journey through startup hell and back, read our April profile on him. [Source: Techcrunch]
  5. Starbucks payments

    Strong brew: Starbucks CEO promises to compete on mobile payments, reveals on-demand delivery plans

    The era of mobile payments has arrived, seemingly overnight. But while plenty of companies have attempted to enter this market in years past, none have managed to drive mainstream adoption of their technology. None, that is, except for Starbucks. Which is why public statements this week by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz that the company will “have a major role to play” in the future of the payments category should not be dismissed as ivory tower bluster. Yes Apple Pay…
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    One dead in Virgin Galactic test crash

    “At least one person is dead and another injured after Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo space tourism craft crashes in California.” – BBC
  8. war-nerd-crunching-the-numbers-in-kobane

    The War Nerd: Crunching numbers on Kobane

    How many Islamic State fighters have died in Kobane? That question isn’t as easy to answer as you might expect. In fact, nothing about Islamic State’s numbers really adds up. How many fighters does IS have in the first place? Even that isn’t easy to answer. Islamic State expands and contracts in the press according to its own propaganda requirements, and the fear-level of Western correspondents. IS has been very good at hiding its dead. Oh yeah, jihadis love to…
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    Charges dropped for #PayPal14 hacktivists, company launches #PayPal15 trend

    “Felony charges have been dropped against 11 of the 14 Anonymous-linked hacktivists who pleaded guilty to waging a cyber-attack on the PayPal website. Meanwhile, the company has been derided on Twitter for launching a new promo campaign tagged #PayPal15.” – RT
  11. facebook-taking-over

    Facebook’s nonsensical decision to support Tor-powered connections

    Facebook has added an “experimental” feature allowing Tor users to connect directly to one of its data servers via an encrypted connection in order to remain anonymous. It’s not clear how long Facebook will support the connection, but the engineer who announced it says the mobile website will also be made more compatible with Tor, though he couldn’t say when. It’s strange to think that one of the most invasive technology companies in the world is working to support the most popular…
  12. iPhone pocket

    Yes, Apple Pay will disrupt in-store purchases — but its impact on in-app commerce may be even greater

    The vast majority of the discussion surrounding Apple Pay has focused on brick-and-mortar commerce. This may be natural given that Apple’s merchant launch partners were Macy’s, McDonald’s, Walgreens, Staples, Disney, and several other major physical retailers. But while this new easy and secure payment method could very well disrupt the offline purchase experience, its biggest impact could ultimately end up being in-app and on the mobile Web. I have had dozens of conversations to this effect with payment industry…
  14. fingerprint

    Here’s one more reason not to use your iPhone’s fingerprint scanner

    Need another reason not to secure your smartphone with a fingerprint? A Circuit Court judge has ruled that police can require suspects to unlock a device with their fingerprint, but may not with a passcode. When it comes to keeping information away from the police, at least, it may be better to rely on four numerical digits than just one physical one. The judge’s decision was based on the idea that “giving police a fingerprint is akin to providing a DNA or handwriting…
  15. Overheard

    “We didn’t get the price right. I think people come to expect a great value, and we sort of mismatched expectations. We thought we had it right. But we’re also willing to say, ‘we missed.’ And so we corrected.”

    — Amazon's David Limp explains the Fire Phone's price problem

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    Android creator Andy Rubin leaves Google

    Android creator Andy Rubin has left Google shortly after handing the reins of his mobile platform to Sundar Pichai and leading the company’s advanced robotics efforts, the New York Times reports. He plans to create “a tech incubator focused on start-ups interested in building hardware.” I wonder how many of ‘em will end up being sold to Google. [Source: The New York Times]
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    Hungary cancels plans for Internet tax

    Hungary has canceled plans for a tax on data transfers, the BBC reports, just one week after it was first revealed. The proposal was met with swift criticism from Hungarian citizens, many of whom have protested the tax for the last week. [Source: BBC]
  19. 3d-printer-letdown

    Autodesk take aim at the disappointment of 3D printing

    Last September, Autodesk opened a large two-story workshop on Pier 9 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero, a luxuriant facility with the indulgent goal of bringing its employees closer to the machines they were making software for. “People said, ‘A workshop? On the water? In downtown San Francisco? From Autodesk? Why?” Autodesk’s Vice President of Consumer Products Samir Hanna says at an event this morning held to celebrate the building’s first anniversary. The 27,000 square foot Pier 9 building is an architectural…
  20. Uber Halloween

    Uber wisely over-communicates about surge pricing ahead of busy holiday weekend

    Uber’s surge pricing has landed the company in hot water on countless occasions. Most publicly were the company’s arguably tone-deaf response in the lead-up to floods in NYC in fall 2012*, where rates climbed as people tried to get home from work or leave the city. More recently, Uber came under fire (unfairly in my opinion) in San Francisco for what many claimed was profiteering off of a tragic BART fatality and rail service interruption. Large public…

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