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  1. PandoLive_MG_3935_web

    PandoLIVE is LIVE right now, refusing to be awful and talking about snowpocalypse surging

    PandoLIVE is LIVE right now. Because after 24 hours you can’t possibly be sick of listening to us talk. We’ll talk about our highlights from the weekend, the latest NYC decree that you can’t gouge, and whatever else we think of in the next few minutes… Listen live here right now and call in! Alternatively, you can tweet @pandodaily or email … SPONSOR MESSAGE: Free Hosting! Visit to see if your startup qualifies for free…
  3. pando-inside-baseball

    Watch Sarah Lacy talk about journalist-entrepreneurs

    Last week, the Churchill Club hosted an event where our editor-in-chief Sarah Lacy and other journalists who straddle the line with entrepreneurship discussed what happens when, as the Club puts it, “Critics Become Capitalist.” [Source: Churchill Club on YouTube]
  4. Uber Miami

    Dear Travis: A Miami Uber driver takes exception to the company’s rate cuts

    [Editor’s note: The following represents the combination of two articles which originally appeared on the UberDriverMiami blog and have been republished here unedited with the author’s permission. The author has requested to remain anonymous due to the risks revealing his identity would pose to his relationship with Uber. Pando has verified that the author is in fact an active Uber driver. The author was not paid for his work.] Winter Slump Dear Travis, You are a scumbag. I can’t say you…
  5. merger

    Kleiner may not be acquiring Social+Capital Partnership, but don’t rule out M&A among VC firms

    In the highly competitive world of venture capital, firms of all sizes are looking for a competitive edge for getting into the best deals. The problem is, there’s only so much you can control in this industry and often times luck plays a major role in separating winners from losers. The one thing that VCs can control is assembling their internal teams of the smartest and most well-connected, well-respected people available and hoping that it’s enough to lead to winning the best deals. Unfortunately,…
  7. uber-surge

    After de Blasio calls snowstorm gouging illegal, Uber still uses surge prices — just not as horribly as usual

    Here in New York City and other parts of the Northeast, the snow has begun to fall and it likely won’t stop for the next 24 hours or longer. Some estimate the city will be buried in up to 30 inches of snow by late tomorrow. For customers of Uber and Lyft, that should bring up nightmares of blizzards past when Uber’s surge prices hit seven to eight times the normal rates — or upwards of $30 a mile.…
  8. nsa-spying-no-way

    BADASS intelligence program shows there’s no distinction between for-profit and governmental surveillance

    A newly-revealed intelligence program called BADASS once again demonstrates the connection between corporate analytics tools and government surveillance programs. BADASS, which was revealed via documents leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden, is said to have used information collected by the AdMob and Flurry services to help sift through the massive data troves held by British and Canadian intelligence agencies. The Intercept reports that BADASS used information collected by these advertising tools — such as a device’s unique identifier or its location — to…
  9. waze_car

    Police want Google to nix Waze’s cop-tracking feature due to safety concerns

    California sheriffs are protesting a feature which allows Waze users to learn the location of police officers because it might allow potential cop-killers to easily find their targets. The sheriffs are asking Google, which acquired Waze for $1.3 billion as part of its push to offer a more contextual mapping service, to remove the feature from Waze’s software. The feature was originally introduced so drivers could warn each other about sobriety checks, speed traps, and other checkpoints which could lead…
  11. strictly-business

    Apple said to sell more iPhones in China than US

    Apple plans to announce this week that it sold more iPhones in China than in the United States during the last quarter of 2014, according to a report from the Financial Times, which notes that this would be the first quarter in what is expected to be a new trend. Looks like Apple’s rumored compromises paid off. [Source: The Financial Times]
  12. elsewhere

    Nick Bilton’s next book will be about Silk Road

    Nick Bilton, the New York Times columnist behind the acclaimed “Hatching Twitter” book, today announced a deal with the publisher Portfolio for a “detailed narrative” about Silk Road, the online black market shut down by the FBI in late 2013. Accused Silk Road mastermind Ross Ulbricht is currently standing trial.There is no timeline set for when the book will be available and it remains untitled, but the movie rights have already been optioned by 20th Century Fox. [NYT]
  14. Coinbase exchange

    With Coinbase Exchange, US Bitcoin users get a fully-licensed, insured, and domestic trading option

    As first reported late last night, Coinbase has launched the first regulated, US-based bitcoin exchange. The company crossed this milestone in part through a new partnership, and accompanying investment, from the New York Stock Exchange. In the hours since the WSJ first reported news of Coinbase’s latest bitcoin venture, the company has revealed additional details of how the exchange will operate and why, it believes, it offers “a better way to trade.” We now know that the
  15. Facebook-Thumbs-Down

    Turkey orders Facebook to block pages depicting or criticizing Muhammad

    Facebook has been ordered to block pages depicting the Prophet Muhammad, including those featuring the cover of French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo’s latest issue, with a warning that its service could be banned from Turkey if it doesn’t enforce the blockade. The ban comes after protests against the Charlie Hebdo cover in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and the Indian-controlled region of Kashmir became violent. (The cover, released after an attack on the magazine, shows Muhammad holding a sign reading “Je Suis Charlie.”) This…
  16. elsewhere

    Drone lands on White House lawn

    Months after the Secret Service was embarrassed by an intruder’s ability to make his way inside the second floor of the White House, a small drone has been found on the front lawn of the presidential dwelling. While it’s not clear what purpose the drone was supposed to serve, it does highlight the difficulties White House security might face when the unmanned vehicles reach more consumers. [Source: The New York Times]
  18. priceline-problems

    Why Priceline’s problems may soon be tech’s problems

    Sometimes it seems like the tech industry is its own little world, comfortably insulated from the turmoil that might be happening in other parts of the global economy. That seemed the case back in 2009, when the streets of San Francisco seemed much more bustling with startup activity than anywhere else in the country. Many of the startups that emerged during the course of the Great Recession have quickly grown to become successful business models that are pursuing expansion in Europe and…
  19. assangegoogle

    WikiLeaks wants to know why Google handed its staffers’ emails over to the government

    WikiLeaks has complained about Google’s decision not to inform three of its journalists their personal Gmail accounts had been compromised by a Justice Department warrant until December 23, 2014, nearly three years after the warrant was issued in March 2012. The warrant required Google to hand over information about the contents and metadata — information about a message’s recipients, the date it was sent, etc. — to the FBI. It’s not clear how much data was provided to the government…
  20. strictly-business

    TransferWise raises $58M from A16Z to knock the fees out of international money tansfers

    London-based P2P money transfer service TransferWise has raised $58 million in a Series C round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The company now supports 292 currency routes and claims to have saved its customers  £135 million on £3 billion in transfers processed to date. TransferWise has now raised $91 million, with its prior investor Sir Richard Branson, Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures, Index Ventures, IA Ventures, and Seedcamp. [TransferWise]

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