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    Apple is “actively investigating” reports of iCloud exploit leading to leaked celebrity nudes

    “We take user privacy very seriously and are actively investigating this report [of an iCloud exploit being the sources of recently leaked nude celebrity photos].” ~Apple spokeswoman Nat Kerris to WSJ
  3. bitcoin handcuffs

    Early bitcoin entrepreneur and accused Silk Road money launderer Charlie Shrem to enter plea deal this week

    Eight months after his arrest at JFK International Airport on charges including conspiracy to commit money laundering, early bitcoin evangelist, founder, and former Bitcoin Foundation Vice Chairman Charlie Shrem is set to accept a plea deal. His attorneys tell Reuters that the plea will be entered this Thursday, September 4th. Shrem’s trial is scheduled to begin on September 22nd. Under the deal, Shrem will plead to a lesser charge of aiding and abetting an unlicensed money…
  4. elsewhere

    My year with a distraction-free iPhone

    “This whole exercise has left me feeling like I took the iPhone into my life without ever really thinking about what it was gonna take from me. Internet, all the time, everywhere? Sign me up. Games, news, photos, popularity? Yes, please, more, please! It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of excellent gourmet food. The trouble for me? I will always eat more than I should.” ~Jake Knapp
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    Watch the full PandoMonthly fireside chat with LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner

    In a sold-out chat in San Francisco, LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner sat down with Sarah Lacy to share his unpredictable journey from a child who obsessed over Hollywood trade magazines to a Vice President managing Warner Bros’ online division, to reluctantly becoming an executive at Yahoo, to his current gig leading up one of the biggest and most exciting social networks on the planet. He held forth on all the mentors along the way, proving…
  7. wish-we-had-this

    A Financial Model Comparing Car Ownership with UberX (Los Angeles)

    “For the average American who drives 13,476 miles per year, owning a motor vehicle will cost them $12,744 per year to maintain, and the cost of taking UberX everywhere will cost them $18,115 per year. However, Americans who drive less than 9,481 miles in a year should seriously consider ditching their car, because UberX will be cheaper.” ~HomeHero founder Kyle Hill
  8. CloudSecurity

    The celebrity photo leak is yet another example of Apple’s irresponsible approach to security

    Apple might face the ire of several celebrities whose personal photographs were stolen and published over the weekend. In the latest example of the company’s irresponsible security practices, the images — at least those that haven’t been called forgeries by several celebrities and their spokespersons — are thought to have been taken from their subjects’ iCloud accounts. Now, it’s clear that most of the blame should fall on the person who decided to violate the only shred of privacy that these celebrities had left, and…
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    Alibaba IPO might be coming on September 8

    We’ve been waiting for Alibaba to go public since rumors of its plans to do so first emerged in March. Some reports said it would go public in April; now, five months later, the Wall Street Journal reports that it plans to go public on September 8. [Source: The Wall Street Journal]
  11. pando-inside-baseball

    After 17 years, Anand Shimpi leaves journalism to join Apple

    Anand Shimpi, the founder of tech news and reviews site AnandTech, has left the site he created 17 years ago. Re/code reports that he’ll be joining Apple — a move confirmed by an Apple spokesperson — but it’s unclear what he’ll be doing for the company. [Source: Re/code]
  12. pumpkins

    “It’s Motown all over again.” Smashing Pumpkins’ drummer, now a CEO, wants to save the music industry through tech

    In the 1990s, few bands were more adored by critics and fans than the Smashing Pumpkins. Combining the brute force and technical chops of heavy metal, the ambition and theatricality of arena rock, and the dark, disillusioned lyricism of grunge, the Pumpkins dominated concert halls, television sets, and bedroom stereos at a time when I was in my formative years as a music fan. They also reigned during a much happier time for the music industry. Propped up by exorbitantly high CD prices and the explosion of MTV as…
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    Starting right now: The NSFWLIVE radio show is back for one day only. Listen live!

    Be careful what you wish for. A couple of months ago, I launched a crowdfunding campaign to produce an uncensored history of NSFWCORP, the news magazine (with jokes) that I founded back in 2011 and which was acquired by Pando back in February. As is expected when launching crowdfunding campaigns, I spent some time coming up with different reward levels — $5 for the ebook, $20 for the paperback — that kind of thing. Partly for…
  15. Fog

    The four delusions that cost VCs money

    Editor’s note: This is a guest post by Rick Lewis, General Partner at USVP. The post went through PandoDaily’s usual editorial process. Mr. Lewis was not paid for this post. “Why would I ever pay $250 for a shirt?” A highly-respected fellow VC asked me this rhetorical question soon after my firm invested in Trunk Club’s Series A round and I joined the company’s board of directors. In the three years since, Trunk Club CEO Brian Spaly and his team…
  16. Uber

    Is Uber good for urban communities?

    Last night, in the basement bar of a Harlem soul food restaurant, New York tech and social entrepreneurs gathered to air things out over two of the most talked-about issues in tech: Diversity and Uber. Over the past few months, as more and more major tech firms release diversity reports revealing disproportionately low numbers of women and minorities in technology positions, the problem of how to ensure opportunities for non-male, non-white tech workers has taken center stage. So have debates over…
  18. elsewhere

    Anonymous Site Spurs Talks Between Nikki Finke and Ex-Boss

    “In recent weeks, though, [Finke] had gone silent in the face of a legal dispute with the company that bought Deadline, Penske Media Corporation. It looked as if her career as a chronicler of Hollywood might be over. But now, a book deal and possible return to journalism are in the works.” – NYTimes
  19. ibm

    US judge says it’s “regrettable” that IBM can’t be punished for knowingly aiding apartheid

    From the holocaust to apartheid, where you or I see an atrocity, IBM sees an opportunity. Still, a US district judge has ruled that IBM cannot be prosecuted in the US for supplying computer systems to South Africa’s apartheid regime. Describing her own decision as “regrettable,” Judge Shira Scheindlin explained that the 1789 Alien Tort Statute doesn’t usually apply to behavior by companies outside of US borders. From Bloomberg: The judge said she was bound by earlier court rulings barring U.S.…
  20. Heyward Cover

    Come see Whisper’s Michael Heyward defend anonymity at the next PandoMonthly LA

    I strive for two types of guests when I book a year’s worth of PandoMonthlys. True legends who are perennially interesting, and up and coming entrepreneurs who are fascinating right this moment. Whisper’s Michael Heyward is the epitome of the latter. The debate over the good and bad of anonymity apps has been roiling the press and international governments this summer– spurred in no small part by our own reporting. With Secret making itself look so awful, Whisper tends to get…

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