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    FREAK affects Windows machines, too

    Microsoft has warned that FREAK, the bug that’s left countless Apple and Google devices vulnerable to attack because of the United States‘ restrictions on exporting cryptographic tools, also affects Windows products. [Source: Ars Technica]
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    A new study explains how Islamic State is so good at social media

    The self-declared Islamic State is often lauded for its social media savvy. Now the Brookings Institute, in partnership with Google Ideas, has published the first report examining just how prolific the extremist group truly is on Twitter’s social platform. Brookings’ report follows increased pressure for Twitter and other companies, such as Facebook or Google, to monitor their social networks for activity from extremist groups. The report shows that Twitter is trying to keep pace with those demands — but…
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    UberX service suspended in Seoul

    Uber has suspended its UberX service in Seoul because it “determined it was in the best interests of Korean riders, drivers and the community as a whole” to “define our business offerings within the current confines of the regulatory framework.” Ayn Rand is rolling over in her grave. [Source: Uber]
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    Dropcam’s slow slide into Nest — and therefore Google — begins

    Dropcam users are being asked to create Nest accounts — regardless of whether or not they own a Nest product — so they can use “new features and improvements” to their cameras. The Verge reports that the new accounts will be used to support some of the integrations Nest promised when it acquired Dropcam for around $555 million in cash June 2014. It will also ensure that Dropcam customers have agreed to Nest’s updated terms…
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    Facebook was a pit-stop on Jeff Hammerbacher’s way to graduate school until Platform’s debut

    Jeff Hammerbacher, the chief scientist at Cloudera and tonight’s PandoMonthly guest, originally saw Facebook as a good place to work before heading off to graduate school. It wasn’t until the company introduced Facebook Platform that he really saw its potential. “I thought of [Facebook] as a place to get my residency for a year so I could go off to grad school and do math stuff,” Hammerbacher said. “[Platform’s debut] was this transition where it all became clear that this was the…
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    How this Cloudera founder almost ended up working on a GM assembly line

    Jeff Hammerbacher may seem like a prototypical startup wiz kid, but his path to Silicon Valley greatness was anything but a sure thing. Sure he attended (and briefly dropped out of) Harvard and played a prominent early role at Facebook before co-founding a big data juggernaut. But this mid-west kid with a penchant for abstract math problems nearly ended up instead working a blue collar gig working on a GM assembly-line. Hammerbacher recalled during a PandoMonthly fireside chat tonight in…
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    New PayPal CEO: We’re no longer weighed down by eBay

    “There have been certain partners that have been loath to work with us because we were part of eBay and they considered eBay to be a competitor. We are a neutral third party to merchants and we believe that we are extremely well positioned and very focused as we look at this digital payments future.” ~Incoming PayPal CEO Dan Schulman on the company’s post-eBay opportunity.
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    Jerry Saltz, the new Internet content cops, and why if Facebook is network TV, Twitter is HBO

    Last month, the Awl’s John Herrman wrote a great and frightening piece called, “The Next Internet is TV.” Basically Herrman argued that content providers’ own properties — their websites and even their apps — will soon become obsolete as more and more content is discovered and consumed directly on platforms like Facebook and Snapchat. These are the channels. Writers, editors, videographers ,and eventually entire newspaper staffs will be little more than Content Creators™ supplying “creative” to these channels. Anybody can still post their content to these networks, but…
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    Comcast keeps on screwing its customers by blocking HBO Go on the PS4

    Comcast appears to be incapable of not screwing over its customers. The company is preventing PlayStation 4 owners from using the new HBO Go app that debuted Tuesday. And it’s not the first time the company has made it difficult for customers to watch a service they already pay for, as the Verge notes in today’s report: Every other cable company has a history of playing nicely with HBO and letting customers watch the streaming service on smartphones, set-top boxes, and…
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    Mark your calendars: Here’s our full 2015 PandoMonthly lineup

    If you run a hugely successful company and haven’t gotten an email from me this year, you might want to check your spam filter. Between 24 hours of programming for “Don’t be awful”, PandoMonthly, and our bursting-at-the-seams agenda for Pandoland, I’ve probably booked close to 50 speakers for various Pando events in the last six weeks. The result (I hope) is one of the most exciting speaker calendars we’ve ever offered– and one even more heavy on diversity than…
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    The trouble with social, and the opportunity for Google

    Google has entered another one of its periods of languishment. Back in 2007, the company’s stock reached $358 a share, then needed another five years to exceed that peak. Once it did, Google rallied 71 percent over the next 18 months, rising as high as $614 a share early last year. Since then, Google has drifted sideways to down. It’s trading around $575, after falling below $500 earlier this year. The key problem is a familiar one. Our collective attention…
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    Etsy looks to mix community and capitalism as IPO looms. What changed?

    “I want Etsy to be an independent company for as long as it can be independent.” Sitting on the PandoMonthly stage in New York two years ago in January, Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson left no room for confusion about his desire to keep Etsy true to the quirky and irreverent attitude that had made it one of the most successful ecommerce companies launched in more than a decade.  Although not the founder – he joined the company as…
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    Funny or Die skewers Uber in a brilliant fake PR video

    Anyone who reads Pando — or reads anything — knows Uber has been a lightning rod for controversy during its quick ascent to the multi-billion dollar club. Travis Kalanick’s company has run a staggering gamut of bad behavior, from questionable background check procedures and rape allegations brought against drivers, to alleged irresponsible use of its data-tracking functionality and threatening to smear unfriendly journalists. So Funny or Die — whose leadership team will coincidentally join our Editor-in-Chief Sarah Lacy for a PandoMonthly…
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    Putin-backed startup aims to sell 1M smartphones this year

    Yota Devices, a startup backed by Putin’s government in Russia, plans to sell one million units of a smartphone that includes a screen on each side. [Source: Bloomberg]
  20. Beautiful Mind

    Finance novice beats hedge fund pros, winning $100k in Quantopian trading contest

    What does it take to break into the lucrative world of hedge funds? It’s a question that countless Wall Street up-and-comers would love to see answered, as they look to graduate from the 100-hour-per-week grind of banking to the relative glamour – and massive income opportunity – of hedgies. It used to be that you had to be an Ivy League graduate with a Type-A personality and a razor sharp mind to even sniff the rarified air of hedge funds. Now,…

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