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  1. facebook-taking-over

    Facebook prepares to bolster its stalking abilities with new ad tools

    Facebook wants to stalk you around the Web, and soon you won’t be able to throw it off your digital trail even if you switch between your smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer. The Wall Street Journal reports that the company is set to announce a new advertising platform called Atlas later this month, and its most important feature will be the ability to track Facebook users as they browse the Web, view advertisements, and purchase goods on any of their…
  3. weber

    “An abrupt turn of events.” Jonathan Weber out as Managing Editor of the Information

    Jonathan Weber is out as Managing Editor of the Information, and judging by this Tweet it wasn’t entirely his own decision: Weber joined the paywalled news site back in March from Reuters News where he was West Coast Bureau Chief. At the time, Information founder Jessica Lessin wrote: I am delighted to announce that Jonathan Weber, a veteran editor and journalism entrepreneur and who is currently West Coast Bureau Chief for Reuters News, will be joining us as…
  4. Goal

    Enterprise goal management tool BetterWorks raises Kleiner’s largest Series A since Google

    “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” ~Unknown A favorite tool among managers is the OKR (objectives and key results) model for goal setting and planning. MBA textbooks are filled with variations on the approach and Silicon Valley titans like Intel and Google have long been devotees. Incidentally, the common thread among among both these businesses is John Doerr, who implemented OKR at Intel and brought the technique to Google as one of its earliest investors. The challenge with OKR…
  5. homedepot

    With more due diligence, Home Depot’s massive data breach may have been avoidable

    It’s hard to think that people hand over the keys to their homes to someone without digging through that person’s history. People hired to clean the house or check on pets while the owner vacations are often trusted with access to someone’s entire life after a meet-and-greet or perhaps just a referral from the owner’s friend. This isn’t a problem most of the time, but sometimes it comes back to bite the home owner right in their all-too-trusting ass. Now imagine that…
  7. apple

    iOS 8’s success is one of the few things Apple has done right with its security

    Apple has revealed via its App Store Distribution page that some 46 percent of iOS devices have been updated to the latest version of its mobile operating system just five days after it debuted. While that figure might be slightly misleading because it’s based on devices that have connected to the App Store since iOS 8 was released last week, it’s still a good reminder of just how quickly iPhone and iPad owners update their device’s software. With all the…
  8. baauer

    Harlem Shake hitmaker INDMUSIC partners with Dailymotion to help even more musicians get their fair share

    Remember back in 2013 when sports teams, fraternities, and even tech blogs made their own cheesy “Harlem Shake” videos? Like the Macarena before it, Baauer’s “Harlem Shake” was one of those dance trends that, while ubiquitous for the better part of a month, is looked back on with a mix of embarrassment and nostalgia. But the sensation’s most significant legacy in the music world is a triumph of software, not treble and bass. Baauer’s label Mad Decent partnered with the Brooklyn-based music distribution…

    US jury says Arab Bank is liable for helping to fund suicide bombing

    Back in February, Pando’s Adam Penenberg told the story of the victims of Palestinian suicide bombing who were suing the Arab Bank in the US for helping to facilitate the funding of terrorism. Suicide bombers with the wherewithal to plan ahead could even opt for their own “Martyr Kit,” a package containing all the necessary forms and instructions, an account card from the Arab Bank, and an official death certificate issued by the Palestinian Authority. Newspaper…
  11. taibbi

    Trademark filing suggests Matt Taibbi’s new site will be a lot like Gawker

    Here’s a story I missed last month. Capital New York reports that Matt Taibbi’s new e-magazine, bankrolled by Pierre Omidyar, will likely be called “Racket.” According to a trademark filing by First Look Media, the publication will publish: “news, commentary, information, non-downloadable audio and visual media, and… editorial articles in the fields of government, politics, finance, business, sports, the media, entertainment, humor, arts and culture” It will also feature: “technology that enables users to view, find, comment on, discuss, aggregate, bookmark, personalize,…
  12. global-warming-sad-polar-bear

    Eric Schmidt speaks out against ALEC on climate change. But what about the rest of Google’s ties to deniers?

    Last month, Microsoft made headlines after it cut ties with the American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC), a Koch Brothers-backed right-wing public policy group that’s been involved in a murderer’s row of controversial issues over the past three decades. That includes pushing climate change denial in schools, calling gay people a “health risk,” advocating for controversial Voter ID laws, and crafting a piece of piece legislation that would enact Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law on…
  14. CitiBank

    With banks desperate for fresh thinking, the Citi Mobile Challenge is a small but welcome bit of progress

    Large incumbents in every industry struggle to innovate. There’s a whole shelf in most bookstores dedicated to this “dilemma.” Last summer we produced an entire series called “Dancing Giants“ about the lengths established companies go to to contort their organizations to foster more innovation – at least in the cases where they’re willing to admit they have a problem. In some cases this means launching incubators, accelerators, and skunkworks labs. In others, it means acquihiring a bunch of fresh, young, startup…
  15. climate-change-march-dicaprio

    Hollywood Trash: How skeptics distort the climate change debate to be about anything but science

    Yesterday afternoon, over 300,000 people gathered in midtown Manhattan for the “People’s Climate March,” which organizers claim was the “largest ever” climate change rally. Politicos like Al Gore rubbed elbows with Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio amid a sea of homemade signs demanding policy changes to help curb rising temperatures — which the majority of climate scientists agree are manmade and may lead to a host of dangerous (and expensive) consequences for both animal and human habitats. But while the discussion over climate change, an…
  16. Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.04.59 PM

    The Moment of Truth: Glenn Greenwald is the worst at influencing elections

    Glenn Greenwald arrived in New Zealand a little over a week before the country’s general election, armed with damning claims (courtesy of Edward Snowden) that NZ Prime Minister John Key had — despite assurances to the contrary — authorized mass surveillance to be conducted on New Zealanders. When Greenwald landed, Key was looking a safe-ish, if slightly wobbly bet for re-election. A recent tell all book from NZ investigative journalist Nicky Hager, Dirty Politics, had forced resignations in Key’s government and…
  18. isis-gaza

    US criticized for “feeding the trolls” in the fight against ISIS on social media

    As Obama stands poised to implement his plan to arm Syrian rebels against ISIS, there’s another fight playing out between US officials and the Islamic extremist group — and it’s taking place on social media. In order to counter ISIS’s well-oiled social media propaganda machine, which has included everything from beheading videos to Instagram photos of cats next to assault rifles, the State Department has launched a campaign on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr called Think Again…
  19. San Francisco

    Why San Francisco may not be the most useful reference point for the Uber-ification of local transport

    With taxi industries and local regulators looking to understand the implications of a ride-sharing dominated local transportation market, San Francisco is held up as the prototype. After all, the Bay Area is home to Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar, and thus was the initial market for each of these services, which are now seven-, five-, and four-years-old, respectively. This makes data presented at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority’s board meeting last Tuesday of particular interest. According to the latest study,…
  20. elsewhere

    Kickstarter updates Terms of Service to address creator failures

    Kickstarter has updated its Terms of Service to make the steps that project creators who raised sufficient funds on its platform and then failed to deliver their backers’ rewards (or whatever was being funded) must take clearer. [Source: CNET]

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