Won't You Be Our Neighbors? Apply for i/o Today

By Sarah Lacy , written on January 16, 2012

From The News Desk

Today is the final day for entrepreneurs to apply for i/o Ventures' upcoming startup class.

i/o is a mini-incubator in San Francisco's Mission District that's also sort of a startup clubhouse. It has loads of natural light, a coffee shop and a flood of young entrepreneurs and investors flowing in-and-out of the space at all times.

The vibe is so good that PandoDaily calls it home with some temporary desk space that we hope becomes permanent.

i/o is different than other incubators in a few ways. For one thing, it's a lot smaller. There are only five companies in each class, and the mentoring is very hands on. Paul Bragiel, a former entrepreneur who runs the program, is around every day with his massive beard to help companies if they need it. (That's a recent photo of Bragiel above mentoring some startups.) VCs come every week and do dinners with the companies, and mentors hold regular office hours. (And did I mention PandoDaily is there?)

Bragiel says they work hard to help the companies raise money too. So far they have a pretty good track record: Eleven companies have gone through the program, three have been acquired, seven have gotten follow-on funding and one is break-even.