Amazon to Launch Cloud Search Service, Possibly Tomorrow

By Sarah Lacy , written on January 17, 2012

From The News Desk

The genius of Amazon reminds me of the honeypot Winnie-the-Pooh gets stuck in. They give such enticing value, that you can't resist sticking a paw in. And then they keep giving more value. Another paw. Then a foot. Pretty soon you're stuck in a pot of honey.

Sometimes the honey pot is a happy place to be, and sometimes it's not. As we wrote this morning, the publishing industry is starting to feel the latter.

But many companies running their companies on EC2 are happy to be in the pot, and PandoDaily has just learned that Amazon is also working on a new product that will make it even stickier. And that could be bad news for Google.

Amazon is working on a new cloud search product that is very likely already being used by early customers, according to industry sources who have seen the product. Amazon has sent out emails talking up a big announcement at 9 am PST tomorrow. We're hearing speculation that this could be it.

Amazon's cloud search will compete with Google's site search-- but from what we hear, it ups the ante significantly. Google's site search is a revolutionary tool that allows companies to skip the time and expense of building their own search by plugging in a site crawler and a search box.

Amazon's cloud search is different. It allows startups to pass their data through it and get any results they want. And since many startups are already hosting their databases on Amazon, that link is even more direct. Companies can run any query and get immediate, easy results. It's possible that the guts of this product are from the old A9 search product, according to sources. Amazon spent time getting the design right, and the people we've spoken to think it'll be a game changer.

[We reached out to Amazon's PR department for comment and didn't immediately hear back. We'll update the post if they get back to us.]

Photo credit: Titan Rain