Hipster Releases Android App, Web App and Reaches 100,000 Users

By Trevor Gilbert , written on January 19, 2012

From The News Desk

Hipster, the photo-sharing service, aimed at sharing "one postcard at a time", is making a big step forward today with the launch of their native Android app, a newly redesigned web app, and the announcement that they have reached their 100,000th user.

I spoke to Hipster founder Doug Ludlow yesterday, and he was very excited about the launch. An Android application was their largest feature request by far. In his words, a social network that is only available to half of the mobile user base is decidedly less engaging than one available to the vast majority of mobile users. The Android app will perfectly complement their existing iOS app, and Doug mentioned that in the coming year they would likely be releasing a version of their application for Windows Phone.

Hipster is taking a different route from applications such as Instagram, as they are releasing a fully featured web application at the same time. The reasoning behind this, according to Hipster, is that the web is still the place most consumers go to look at their friends post cards, and the newly launched app makes the discovery process much simpler and much more enjoyable.

The application is available on the Android Market, and the web app is live at