Bloggers Unite To Help Raise Money For The Electronic Frontier Foundation

By Trevor Gilbert , written on January 30, 2012

From The News Desk

For the past few weeks, a few facts about our lives have been clarified. The first is that the Internet is critically important to our way of life, and that freedom of expression is central to that. The second is that there are people who are not only willing, but also desire to restrict the freedom of expression and information that the internet enables.

In an effort to publicize this, a new ebook has been put together, highlighting the importance of digital freedom to our lives. The book is called Uncensored, and has been compiled and edited by Hunter Walk and Eric Ries. Both are well known in the tech community, and have managed to gather together a long list of other respected technology writers. The book features posts from an extensive list of people, including our own Sarah Lacy. Some of the other writers include Dave McClure, Fred Wilson, Howard Lindzon, Mark Suster, MG Seigler, and Tim O'Reilly; with many, many others.

The book is available now for $4.99 (although you can contribute more), and all proceeds go to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. It is available here.