Taking Our Art Up a Notch: Hugh MacLeod Now Contributing to PandoDaily

By Sarah Lacy , written on February 3, 2012

From The News Desk

One of the goals I had for this site since the beginning is to have better art to illustrate our posts.

Saving money on high-priced illustrators and photographers was one of the many ways blogs competed with old media on costs. But there's a problem with writers being in charge of art on their stories: We suck at it.

That's why we're writers. We kill ourselves to write a story that's smart, well-reported, newsy and makes a point, with a doomsday clock ticking away over our heads. There's barely enough time to proofread, let alone think through art. Art is a last minute after thought that's keeping a blogger from posting, like putting in links or filling out tags.

The result is what you see on blogs today. Something that was on Google images with a creative commons license that made some remote sense. I'm probably the worst offender at this.

I think it'd be cool to find a cost-effective way to do a better job at this. One thing we'll be doing over time is building our own photo library of the people and companies we tend to write about all the time. But I've also been trying to find some cool artists and illustrators who can be on call for us to illustrate longer thought pieces that don't have to be posted immediately.

Hugh "Gaping Void" MacLeod was my very first email.

MacLeod's cartoons are the embodiment of the messiness, chaos and heart of the startup world. He gets entrepreneurship. And as you can see from the drawing above, he gets the mission behind PandoDaily. We're also going to figure out someway that readers can buy prints of the drawings featured on our posts. I know we'll have most of them hanging in our offices.

In fact, prints of that one above will be a gift to all our yearly PandoMonthly subscribers. (Although single-tickets for our first event sold out in less than an hour, we still have about fifty annual passes here. As promised, we'll keep adding on little VIP touches like this for our annual members as a thank you for your support.)

I look forward to Hugh's work gracing our blog for years to come. If you're an illustrator and you want to be a PandoDaily contributor, email us samples of your work at [email protected]