Simplee Simplifies Healthcare, Still Finds Time For Charity

By Trevor Gilbert , written on February 6, 2012

From The News Desk

Simplee has a simple goal: simplifying healthcare and reducing costs. It does this by electronically managing complex healthcare bills, and distilling the information into simpler pieces. Whether it is tracking the bills, managing costs, helping the user pay the bills, or finding the right plans and services, Simplee is the one-stop shop for healthcare simplification

Recently, Simplee was confirmed as an accepted startup in the SXSW accelerator program. As a result of this acceptance, Simplee is looking for a way to give back to the SXSW community. Simplee will be doing this by launching a new initiative every week in the lead-up to SXSW, starting today. Although the company is still in its earliest stages, these small steps will help broaden the impact they've had so far.

The first initiative is the launching of payment assistance for users. This means that all users who request it will be given $10 towards their medical bills when they use the code "promo-10" while paying their medical bills on Simplee's site. Kindly, Simplee is extending and improving upon this offer to all PandoDaily readers. Readers of the site will recived an additional $20 when they use the code "Pando-20" while paying their bills. This offer applies to both new and existing users. It's not thousands of dollars, but every little bit helps when it comes to high healthcare costs.

Next week, they will be continuing their philanthropic efforts by launching a new fundraising effort for various medical charities, non-profits and foundations. They do not have the list of chartities finalized yet, but one they are already planning on working with is the Melanoma Research Foundation. They will also be working with additional charities, which will be announced in the coming week, along with all of the finalized details, on their company blog.

Finally, they will be launching a much more SXSW-centric service. For attendees of SXSWi (pay particular attention to this part, as this will have an impact on all SXSW attendees) they will be offering free medical assistance and free hang-over remedies. Simplee compared these to "SXSW lifeguards". These individuals will be medical and nursing students from the nearby University of Texas, and are trained to combat a number of medical ailments.

Altogether, the initiatives help everyone involved. It helps build up (and capitalize off of) the buzz for SXSW, helps the company grow, and helps users of the service cut down on healthcare costs. In a time when companies make controversial decisions that are often win-win-lose, it is nice to see a move by a company be win-win-win.