Greg Kumparak Is Joining PandoDaily!

By Sarah Lacy , written on February 9, 2012

From The News Desk

We're thrilled to announce our next big hire: Greg Kumparak -- former Mobile Editor at TechCrunch -- is joining PandoDaily.

Greg will be joining the Pando team as our editor in charge of incubators and accelerators. Groups like YCombinator, BetaWorks, and TechStars are churning out hundreds of companies a year and Greg will go to every demo day, drilling down into the products and writing about the best ones. He'll make sense of the whole incubator landscape for entrepreneurs considering whether to go down that path. And he'll write signature product pieces, like this one which got a staggering 79,000 likes. Who knew the counter could even go that high?

Greg and I didn't work together very closely at TechCrunch because the CrunchGear guys were somewhat siloed from the rest of the blog. But I always loved his work and his work ethic-- with the latter being particularly in evidence at Disrupt events. Last fall, Greg was a natural choice to join the reporting team for Disrupt China, given his expertise in mobile and what an important story that is in China The more I read his work, the more impressed I was. Particularly because he does something well that I struggle with: writing about product in a smart, clear way.

Greg takes a hugely important place in our line-up and gets Pando a giant leap closer towards our goal of being the site of record for the startup ecosystem. He starts February 15th. Welcome, Greg, we're thrilled to have you!