PandoMonthly with Path's Dave Morin: The "We're Sorry" Edition

By Sarah Lacy , written on February 16, 2012

From The News Desk

We're calling March's PandoMonthly event the "We're Sorry" edition for two reasons.

The first is we're really sorry we had such sound and venue problems in February and to make up for it, we're giving everyone who registered for a ticket last time free entry in March. If you have an annual pass, you may bring a plus-one. No need to do anything, we'll have your name on the list automatically.

The other reason is our guest is Path founder and CEO Dave Morin. Morin recently made the apology heard around the tech world.

Path has had an insanely tumultuous ride over its short history. It launched, bravely turned down a massive acquisition offer from Google, pivoted, was delighted with cheers of joy after that pivot, then got embroiled in a scandal over user data. Morin apologized and that seemed to go well...for a bit. Then bizarrely Path got pulled into an epic fight to the death in the blogosphere. One of the weirder things said about Path recently was a reporter who told Arrington that he was attacking Path simply because Morin was so arrogant. I'm betting there's a good chance that reporter had never even really spent time with him.

As someone who knows Morin well and has had a fair share of hate myself, I can only imagine Morin has had more than a few mornings of, "WTF? I am just trying to build a cool product!"

Post-apology, Morin has been quiet. But he's going to break the silence on March 22 in the PandoMonthly hot seat, and we'll talk about everything.

Let me say up front: Our plan isn't to lynch Morin, so leave the torches and pitchforks at home. If you want a "Gotcha!" interview with emails that don't actually prove anything, this won't be the event for you. If you want a thoughtful discussion on how to navigate a company when things don't go according to plan, you'll love it.

We will put single tickets on sale once we have a venue. If you have a venue suggestion email Oni(at)pandodaily(dot)com. Follow us on Twitter for a heads up before tickets are released. They will go faster this time, because we're letting everyone who bought a ticket last time in for free.

We still have about fifty annual passes left for sale for $1000 each. (For the logic on the pricing, see my original post here.) Once they are gone, that's it for the year. In case you need extra inducement to sign up, VIPs will get a framed, numbered and signed print of Hugh MacLeod's PandoDaily cartoon. In case you need even more inducement, our April guest will be Peter Thiel. The individual tickets for that one will definitely fly. (For season passes, email Oni at the above address.)

Lastly, don't think we didn't see that two of you sold your PandoDaily T-shirts on eBay in the staggering range of $120 each.  While we're flattered, that's just silly! We have more and will give them out to first-timers at each event. No need to pay a dime more than the ticket price.

As always, we'll live stream each talk on the site as well, sponsored by UStream. The entire  series is brought to you by our sponsors, Sequoia Capital.

Photo by Adam Tinworth