Superstar Reporter Jason Kincaid Leaves TechCrunch

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on February 24, 2012

From The News Desk

Holy shit. Jason Kincaid is leaving TechCrunch.

It's 8:40am here in San Francisco -- way before I should be anywhere near a keyboard -- but about twenty minutes ago my phone exploded into a chorus of text messages. Mostly variations of that 'holy shit' sentiment.

Robin Wauters' departure last week was a surprise, but at least we knew where he was heading so we could continue to follow his work. If Michael Arrington's (Pando investor blah blah) post is telling the whole story, Jason has no firm plans on a next step. He just decided to leave TechCrunch, for reasons hopefully he'll discuss publicly in due course.

It is with all due respect to my former TechCrunch colleagues that I say Jason was one of the few reporters remaining there whose posts I read without fail. And not least because, unlike those of us who make a buck by opining or debating or stoking the fires of controversy for fun and profit, Jason is a real reporter.

Once, when TechCrunch was still based in Palo Alto, I eavesdropped on a loud phone argument Jason was having with (if I remember correctly) a state prosecutor's office over some big story he was working on. The prosecutor seemed none too keen on speaking to a member of the tech press, which only served to increase Kincaid's righteous determination. Dammit, this was information the public -- and by extension the press -- has a right to know, and Kincaid wasn't going anywhere until he got an answer.

I remember mouthing across the room to Sarah Lacy: "Fuck, Kincaid is brilliant." And he is.

I genuinely don't know what Jason's plans are next. Obviously, I'd love, love, love him to come to PandoDaily. But I also wouldn't blame him if he just took some time off to recover. Jason was one of the very first hires Mike made at TechCrunch and I'm pretty sure he hasn't stopped working for more than five minutes since.

Whatever Jason does next, I hope he doesn't take too much of a break from writing. And while we're all waiting for our next Kincaid fix, I urge you to start following his personal blog here -- perhaps starting with this post, where our hero meets Dave Grohl who is, it seems, searching for a blogger.

“Hey guys, I found a blogger!”

No, Dave, you found a fucking rock star.

Good luck, Jason!