Facebook's New Logout Ads Are Actually Clever as Hell

By Greg Kumparak , written on February 29, 2012

From The News Desk

When Facebook announced their new Logout ads this morning, I didn't quite...get it. Facebook was throwing around the fact that 37 million people hit that Logout page each day, but how many of those people actually look at that page for more than half a second before navigating elsewhere or walking away? Stuffing an ad in there wouldn't change that.

Then, by pure coincidence, I stepped into my local library to make some copies. (Yeah yeah, shut up. I refuse to pay to upkeep a printer/copier I use once every four months.)

Of the six unmanned computer monitors staring back at me as I copied, four were sitting on Facebook...on the Logout page.

Oh, Facebook. You clever, clever bastards.

Facebook isn't just turning the Logout page into an ad. It's turning the millions of idle displays sitting around out there in public or shared spaces into billboards.

All of those computers camped out on the Facebook logout page in the middle of university libraries? Those used to be useless to Facebook. Now they're ad real estate. Everyone who walks within 10 feet of the display? BAM. Here's a massive ad. The next person who sits down at the terminal? Have an ad! It's the first thing they'll see. It's not an ad meant solely for the person logging out. It's meant for them and everyone who happens to see that display afterwards. One pageview becomes countless opportunities for engagement.

Clever, clever, clever.