Launch Conference, Interrupted

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on March 7, 2012

From The News Desk

Sarah and I are here at Jason Calacanis' Launch Conference Festival at the Design Center in SF. It's like going back in time to TC40,  which is both a good and weird thing.

The plan was to cover as many of the startups launching here as possible, as part of Pando's pledge to cover tech entrepreneurship wherever it might be found. Unfortunately our plan hit an early hurdle when Calacanis decided to invite Shimon Perez to do the opening speech. Cue the Secret Service closing down Townsend Street, and barring entry to the venue for two hours. Finding ourselves stuck outside with half of the conference's paying attendees, we decided to make a video. See below.

(We're in the venue now: session three coverage to follow.)