Launch Conference: Session Three [Paul's Live Blog]

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on March 7, 2012

From The News Desk

I hate live-blogging but I can't think of a better way to cover this. Hit refresh for the latest.

Ok... let's start with...

Tap City 2: Sim City meets Foursquare meets Grand Theft Auto meets I have absolutely no idea why you'd want to play this. The only location-based game that allows you to mug your fellow players for their virtual coins. Kara Swisher isn't keen on that.

George Zachary went further: "Why are you doing this? Why is this changing the world?"

Answer: "We're building a sense of world community. The fact that I can go to another country and mug someone.. is a huge step for gaming."

* * * *

Local Motion: Well, this is bold. Local Motion is building an electric car/golf buggy thing for corporate campuses and small downtown areas. They're raising $4m ("please contact us as soon as possible"). The car got a round of applause.

* * * *

That's Suspicious Behavior: An app which allows you to report "creepy" people in your neighbourhood. This is basically my worst nightmare. Now I'll never be able to leave the house. (Also: I wish founders would stop ordering me to raise my hand every ten seconds)

Hmmm. George Zachary suggested you could use it to round up friends to "deal with" suspicious behavior. The gamification of vigilantism. * * * *

Hip Swap: Disrupting the hip replacement industry. Local-based swapping and selling of stuff, with delivery "within a few days". A few days -- hmmm. Also, correction, they don't seem to actually do swapping.

Still, if the company doesn't work, they can always sell their logo to a swingers site..

* * * *

Space Monkey: Space monkey, space monkey, spacemokey. It's faster, bigger cloud-storage. Space Monkey. Oh -- it's a physical drive with a monkey on it too! That's cool.

Wait? It's launching in two years?

Kara: "You know what happened to all those monkeys in space, right?"

* * * *

CauseCast: Sharing good cause events that you're involved with, within your company, using social media.

* * * * I'm not smart enough to understand what this company does.