Everything You Missed at Sxsw Today (Friday)

By Erin Griffith , written on March 9, 2012

From The News Desk

Oh hey, here is a handy digest to everything, or at least many things, that happened in Austin today.

Cool Stuff

-GE and Skillshare are letting people play with power tools.

-A lot of the trends covered here, including an influx of marketers, an emphasis on design and delightfulness, and an obsession with ambient awareness, have proven to be true.

-Twitter and FEED have a set of art installations going on. I previewed it; highlights include an Rdio app that makes music based on your facial features and a machine by Brooklyn creative firm Breakfast which spits out a sticker print of any Instagram photo tagged with #sxsw, #killinit or #feed. The stickers are then stuck to the wall around the machines. Really any photo--upload an Instagram pic with one of those tags and it'll end up stuck to a wall in an art space in downtown Austin.

Less Cool Stuff

-It's raining and nasty out. Sponsored umbrellas, people. Where are they? Update: Thanks, Groupme.

-LINES. But I didn't have to tell you that.

-Approximately 3290482392 apps, sites, services, streams, or whathaveyou are acting as guides to what is "hot" or "trending" or just "happening." I'm stifled by choice and using none of them.

-Likewise, approximately 3290482392 services are digitally streaming the music of the festival. Because why would you want to, you know, go to a live show? Again, using none of them.

-The big keynote today was Vic Gundotra. He didn't have to apologize for Google+, because the interview was conducted by a Google+ apologist.

-Dave Morin of Path and Brian Wong of Kiip spoke on a panel about happiness being the new currency. It may have been a nice idea for a panel when conceived, but after 20 minutes, the repeated use of the words "delightful," "wonder," and "joy" felt incredibly tone deaf to an end-of-day audience burned out on travel and long lines, soaked from the rain and generally in a crabby mood.

Various News

-Jelli, a really interesting music streaming service is on Android now. I'm confused and impressed by the way this company somehow streams its crowdsourced stations over broadcast airwaves while using the broadcast station's ads. It solves the potentially huge bandwidth problem facing the Pandora-Spotify set, as mobile usage climbs for the apps. I'll cover this in more depth at some point.

-Apple is opening a big campus in Austin.

-Empire Avenue relaunched.

-Vitrue, the social media enterprise platform for brands, has Pinterest functionality now. -TastemakerX finally launched.

-Music Apps can use the Nike FuelBand API.

-Google re-imagined some old timey ads for the modern web.

...annnd goodnight!