Who Are You Again?

By Marisa Keegan , written on March 9, 2012

From The News Desk

Remember when your company consisted of ten people in a room, sharing Chinese food off each others plates? When you knew everything there was to know about your co-workers and the synergy and energy that came from that was contagious?

Start-up mode. My favorite.

But then the inevitable happens. All that passion and energy allowed ten people to morph into thirty, and those thirty became fifty, and once that ball is rolling things change fast. Before you know it, you’re walking by someone in the hallway, wondering if he’s a co-worker or just another interview candidate passing through.

A few years back, I was at a company lunch, and I sat down next to a guy I’d never seen before. Since we had a client on-site that day, I assumed he was with them. So I introduced myself and asked if he was with our client. Nope. Turns out he was a co-worker of mine who had been with the company for more than a month! So freaking awkward.

To ensure that type of interaction never happened again, we knew we had to get creative about building name-face recognition between employees. We had to give them an easy way to connect with their co-workers. So we went digital and built an internal platform called Who Dot.

The main Who Dot page has a picture of every Modean listed in alphabetical order. I can also search for an employee by department or by entering their name in the search field. If I click on Brad’s picture on the bottom left hand side of the screen...

I’m brought to his personal page which has his name, title, contact information, and links to his social media accounts. It also has his top 5 Strengths from the Gallup Strengths Profile and an Ad-Libs style biography. Under his picture I can find badges that represent different aspects of who Brad is. His badges define him as an Apple loving, southpaw, line-crosser, inked up beard artist who likes wine, photography and coffee. If I want to learn more about this wine interest that Brad has I can click on the Wine-O badge.

And I can see all thirty Modeans who also like wine.

This tool is just one way that we continue to build name-face recognition around Modea. As we grow we encourage employees to build relationships across teams because we understand that these relationships are what give a business the energetic, passionate, contagious start-up feel.

How is your company using technology to help foster an engaged, passionate workforce?