Everything You Missed at SXSW Today (Saturday)

By Erin Griffith , written on March 10, 2012

From The News Desk

Oh hey, here is another handy digest to everything, or at least many things, that happened in Austin today.

Cool Stuff

- I spent the morning at Startup Village at the Hilton, where the hottest sessions are in the Lean Startup track. Dave McClure's panel drew a crowd, as did some case studies from Etsy. I loved Steve Blank's talk, which was punctuated by a round of applause after he paused at the word "hypothesis" and explained that, come on, it's really a fancy way to say "guesses." He added, "Because that's what they are, right? They're fucking guesses."

- That same Lean Startup room created some fire code issues during a mentoring session.

- Sponsored umbrellas are now brought to you by Sonar, Squarespace, and probably a lot of others. Where were you yesterday, guys?

- The cost per engagement for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends on Twitter has nearly tripled (it's a marketplace determined by demand), and Amex is outbidding everyone. Twitter wins in this situation; startups with smaller advertising budgets do not.

- This guy is running around hugging people. Something to do with Zopim.

- In a town of overdone parties with long lines and crazy gimmicks, AOL Ventures and Bravo threw excellent, understated parties last night. Tonight big parties incude and

- Forgot to mention this yesterday: Mashable has an old timey print paper. I thought, "Oh cool, a daily digest you can carry around with you, I love it." Then I picked up today's edition and it's the same as yesterday's. I'm now using it as makeshift umbrella.

photo via Adweek

- The Secondmarket house is open and full of awesome stuff like massages and the best coffee I've ever had.

- Dennis Crowley of Foursquare and Pando friend MG Siegler took the stage in one of the convention center's largest rooms. Crowley talked a lot about his discovery engine Radar, which the company hasn't pushed too much because of the battery use problem of running an ambient location app in the background at all times. Plus, the company feels it's a little too early, and users aren't quite ready to have their phones buzzing based on where they are. Auto-checkin will be an optional setting someday, when users are ready. Crowley's favorite topic was Foursquare's data and how useful they're making it for users and developers on the company's API. Regarding Foursquare's growth over the last three years since its launch at SXSW, Crowley said, "We're the smallest of the big guys now. We've earned our place."

- Speaking of Foursquare API developers, Timehop is doing some awesome stuff.

- Paul Carr read from his book and cursed adjacent to the children's section of a bookstore.

- Everyone is talking about Groupme's grilled cheese tent from last year. Hey everyone, they're back with it again this year.

Photo via @brooke

Less Cool Stuff

- Still gross, cold and rainy.

- There was a guy hemorrhaging blood from his foot outside the TechStars party last night. Fire trucks were involved. I hope he's okay!

- There is a big, crazy bus with people on top dancing too loud -- we're talking blocks away loud -- music. Note that this is under the less cool column.

Other stuff

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