Everything You Missed at SXSW Today (Sunday)

By Erin Griffith , written on March 11, 2012

From The News Desk

Oh hey, here is yet another handy digest to everything, or at least many things, that happened in Austin today. I'm publishing early so I can run off to the New York Tech Meetup's showcase.

Serious Stuff

- I didn't make it to a lot of panels today, because I was busy moderating my own panel. It was called Investor Spotting with Paul Lee of Lightbank, Ric Fulop of North Bridge, and Laura Kilcrease of Triton Ventures. They offered a ton of useful, granular advice to entrepreneurs navigating the waters of venture capital. Like, instead of cold calling VCs, get to know their portfolio companies. Instead of moving to a city that's a center for innovation, become attractive enough to the VCs that they want to invest despite your location. And don't fixate on the idea of incubators -- there are bad ones out there and the industry is due for a shakeup.

- There's apparently a meme of "all the serious entrepreneurs don't go to SXSW," because they're at home working. We're here working, too. NETworking. (ZING!)

- Also lame: being "over South-by" while being voluntarily at "South-by."

- Instagram has finally revealed plans for an Android app. Also, the company has 27 million users.

- A common theme from the techie types is the year-over-year increase of ad agencies and brands at the conference. They're taking over!

- ABC: Always Be Charging.

Parties and Fun Stuff

- The hottest party last night was apparently (I didn't even try.) The party had around 1600 RSVP's for a 400-capacity venue.

- The line outside of Gary Vee's secret wine party was slightly ridiculous. The party inside was extremely clubby for what I picture to be a wine party. Call me old fashioned.

- Mobli, a photo sharing site, hosted celeb-vestors Leo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire at party.

- Remember GroupMe's grilled cheese tent? Today the company brought in champion competitive eater Kobayashi, who ate 13 grilled cheese sandwiches in one minute. Prior to that, entrepreneurs competed against each other; angel investor David Tisch won that by eating three in one minute.

- Unified Social has posted up some fun graphics to visualize some of the panels from the day.

- The Bing lot was a little sad last night, due to the rain.

Image via IntoMobile