Announcing a New Database Widget Partnership with AngelList

By Sarah Lacy , written on March 14, 2012

From The News Desk

As we've said from day one, our goal at PandoDaily is to help great entrepreneurs. Sometimes that's writing in-depth posts about the industry. Other times it's giving them a one-stop place to quickly get their daily briefing of tech news. And other times it's providing a monthly event to network and get to know some of the industry's biggest names, to say nothing of sending Trevor all over the country to meet entrepreneurs outside the echo chamber.

Today I'm thrilled to announce another major step towards that goal. We are partnering with AngelList to build an embeddable database of startup information. It's a natural partnership: AngelList is a very like-minded organization who also has a very long term vision for helping great entrepreneurs. Over 500 startups have been funded via AngelList by over 3,000 investors. That's the result of more than 17,000 meetings between the groups, which the site has facilitated.

Starting today, PandoDaily will be embedding a special widget created by AngelList that gives readers the most up-to-date snapshot of company information, as pulled from thousands of AngelList profiles. For the unclaimed company profiles, like this one, our staff will fill out the information, but that's only a place holder -- the company can claim the profile at any time.

How to build or leverage a high quality database of company information is a problem I've thought about since I started PandoDaily, and I'm really excited about this approach for a few reasons. The first is that the companies ultimately control the data, so it'll likely be more factually accurate than a pure-editorial product. The second is that because so much funding takes place on AngelList, younger companies coming into the ecosystem are more likely to be in the system than older, more known companies. That's the opposite of how a purely editorially-populated database would be. And it's better. We all know plenty about Facebook, but next-to-nothing about a company that hasn't launched yet.

The third reason is we're just excited to partner with AngelList. Going back to the metaphor of Pando Trees, the company is another important part of the root system that feeds and nourishes the Valley. The more we interconnect within that system, the more we're creating something unique and important.

We definitely do not have the kinks out of the system -- at all. We haven't even used it enough to know what the kinks are. It'll take us a few months to populate the unclaimed profiles, so for now, we'll only post widgets when there is good information. You can speed up this process by checking and updating your company's information on AngelList. Within a few months, you should be seeing these widgets on almost all stories. I put in the PandoMedia one below so you can check out how it'll look.

Huge thanks to AngelList for helping us out on this.

(Image courtesy of Shutterstock.)