I'm Dying to Hear What Kevin Rose Is Thinking Joining Google

By Sarah Lacy , written on March 15, 2012

From The News Desk

Or at least, I'm dying to hear how he spins it.

This, of course, assumes the news is true -- first broken by AllThingsD -- that the Milk team is being acqui-hired by Google.

Kevin Rose is no stranger to acquisition offers. He famously turned down several very large and lucrative $100 million-plus acquisition offers for Digg. Hindsight is 20/20, and I always applaud entrepreneurs for rolling the dice to build something bigger. But it's hard to imagine there haven't been days he looked back and regretted those decisions.

So, apparently, Facebook and Google both came calling, and Rose took the deal this time. But is his heart really in it? Every time I've spoken with him since he left Digg, he's said the same thing: "I love being out of a big organization and working with a small team again."

I emailed Rose, but he hasn't written back. As luck would have it, I'm interviewing him on stage at BusinessInsider's Ignition West Conference next week. Can't wait to hear the answer.