Stealthy SilverCar Raising Capital for Luxury Car Rentals, Headed by Former Skybus CEO

By Erin Griffith , written on March 19, 2012

From The News Desk

SilverCar, an Austin-based startup focused on luxury car rentals, has raised $3.27 million, according to a regulatory filing.

The offering has the capacity to raise up to $11 million, but $3.27 million has been secured to date, the filing states.

The stealth mode company doesn't have a website, but describes itself in several recent job postings as "a technology company that will make renting a luxury car as simple as pushing a button on your phone."

Austin Ventures is an investor, according to the job postings.

The filing lists Bill Diffenderffer as the company's President and CEO. If my LinkedIn searching is correct, he's the former CEO of now-defunct Skybus Airlines. According to his profile, he's been head of of SilverCar since January.

Skybus was a short-lived discount airline service that operated out of Columbus, Ohio, in 2007. Diffenderffer resigned from the company just before it ceased operations in early 2008.

There's almost no publicly available information about SilverCar aside from the job postings. All I can gather is that, post-Skybus, Diffenderffer is done messing around with low margin travel and is going for the high-end market. It helps that a car rental startup is slightly less capital intensive to launch than an airline.

I haven't heard back from Austin Ventures and will update when I do.

(Image via The Columbus Dispatch)