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By Sarah Lacy , written on March 19, 2012

From The News Desk

There are a lot of people screaming about Trevor's Chicago coverage today. It's more than a little weird, since I didn't read the post as an insult, just a cultural difference.

Working hard, having a healthy work/life balance, and prioritizing revenues aren't exactly bad qualities. The fact that our comments, Twitter feeds, and my personal inbox have been taken over with people saying he nailed it, and people saying it's completely unfair leads me to believe Trevor put his finger on the exact central dilemma of the Chicago startup scene. These two halves are really fighting with each other; Trevor is just in the middle.

Not everyone views it that way. (And I'm not surprised.) Plenty of people are twisting what he wrote and using his age to attack him. The latter in particular pisses me off. Defending him on Twitter has taken up far too much of my morning.

So to turn the day around, I've decided I want to do something nice for the thoughtful commenters on this site. I want to give away an annual subscription pass to PandoMonthly to a deserving, hardworking entrepreneur.

So far, our events sell out in less than an hour and the annual pass guarantees you get a seat at each event and gets you entry into the VIP section. It's a $1000 value, plus you get a Pando T-Shirt and a framed copy of Hugh MacLeod's PandoDaily cartoon.

Leave a comment on why you should be the lucky recipient in the comments. And if you don't win, come back next month! We'll give one away each month.

We also have some more tickets for this Thursday's event so stay tuned to our Twitter feed later this week for the release. They'll go quickly!