Norah Jones Premieres Her New Song... On Jetsetter?

By Sarah Lacy , written on March 20, 2012

From The News Desk

I've written a lot about commerce companies becoming content companies. But Jetsetter is pushing the trend a step further.

Not content to operate like a new version of a travel magazine that also sells trips, it's now peddling music. The new Norah Jones song "Travelin' On" is debuting on Jetsetter tomorrow, along with packaged trips to go see her in concert and pre-sale tickets. You can even enter a chance to win one of the trips. The album hits shelves May 1.

It's a bizarre combo but also very clever. Jetsetter has come up with a modern way to brand travel content. This isn't the first time Jetsetter has done music themed get-aways; it's done packages for Bonnaroo and Coachella. And it is increasingly doing partnered get-aways with other brands, like Kate Spade and the ABC show PanAm.

Norah Jones' people actually came to Jetsetter about the promotion, and if it goes well, expect more artists to follow. The question is where the line blurs between brands people want to be fans of like a musician and brands people feel less effusive about like, say, Sears.

I'm betting there's a Twilight Transylvania trip in the mix. (I think I know someone who would love that.)

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