Dave Morin of Path: 'Facebook Built the Cities and Town Squares, We're Trying to Build a Home'

By Nathaniel Mott , written on March 23, 2012

From The News Desk

Last night's PandoMonthly featured a candid fireside chat-without-the-fire with Dave Morin, the CEO and co-founder of Path.

Below, we've posted a recording of the hour-long interview, conducted with Pando's Sarah Lacy, for those unable to attend or watch the livestream.

Morin was game for even Sarah's toughest questions, such as, why did he turn down a $125 million offer from Google, what happened with Address Book-gate, why so many of Facebook's early employees have left, what he learned from Steve Jobs and whether he could confirm stories about Path's fundraising. (On that last one, he pled the fifth).

One bit that really stuck out to me was Morin's metaphor for the differences between Facebook and Path. Facebook has built the cities, they've built the town squares, and they're more of a general social network, he said. Path, on the other hand, is more like the home, as if adding each friend is filling out your dinner table. (I'm assuming with guests; Sarah forgot to ask Morin if he enjoyed eating his friends). Morin's confidence in his product and his drive to move forward is admirable, and has convinced me to give Path another shot as my "home" on the Web.

Other highlights include Morin's assurance that Path's next version will hash users' contact data. The great irony of Address Book-gate was that Path was within days of pushing out a solution to the problem. At the time, there was no real industry standard for iOS opt-ins on uploading address books. "Everyone's learning in real time, literally," he said.

When he set out to build Path, a mobile-only company was a relatively new concept. He was influenced by a slide from Mary Meeker's State of the Internet report that showed the desktop Web flat-lining and the mobile Web skyrocketing past it.

And on those reports of Britney Spears hanging out in Path's office, Morin noted that the company is in fact working with Spears. She's on Path and has 150 friends, most of which are fans that she may rotate in and out as a sort of exclusive fan club.

The video is below. You'll note the venue, Madrone Studios, is about 1,000 times better than the last one we booked with no pesky sound issues to speak of. Thanks to everyone who made it! Follow us on Twitter to get the heads up about tickets for the next one.

Anyway, enough from me; the video is embedded below.

(Image Credit: Ken Yeung)