Hamish McKenzie Joins the PandoDaily Team!

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 9, 2012

From The News Desk

I've been remiss in announcing some exciting news for us today: Hamish McKenzie has joined the Pando team as a full-time reporter. Hamish contributed this excellent guest post two weeks ago, and we were all blown away by the writing and analysis. He asked if we ever paid regular freelancers, and I one-upped him and offered him a full-time job. I'm thrilled that he accepted.

He started this morning and came out of the gate with this awesome post on Pair.

While McKenzie isn't a regular name in the tech blogosphere, he's a very seasoned journalist. He's also experienced at building media companies. He helped launch Time Out's magazine and website in Hong Kong, and has been a self-employed freelancer since he moved to the US a year and a half ago.

He's written stories about everything from face transplants to Tiananmen Square to his fellow New Zealanders making good in the tech world. Back in 2007, he wrote a cover story about a then little-known Chinese company called Tencent. (At least, it was little known in the West then.)

Simply put, McKenzie has the all-hands-on-deck passion, journalistic chops, and global view that we value. We think he's going to be a huge asset to the team.

Welcome, Hamish!