Single? Still Want To Thumbkiss? PairMixer Finds You Someone To Pair With

By Greg Kumparak , written on April 10, 2012

From The News Desk

Pair. Pair Pair Pair Pair Pair. Everyone's talking about Pair.

And why wouldn't they? You can send drawings to your significant other! You can share photos with each other in a relatively private manner! You can kiss with your thumbs! Sure, sure, the idea has its flaws — but my god, it's like they taught a Care Bear to make iOS apps. I simply can't hate on it.

The only problem? If you're single, Pair... isn't much fun. Enter PairMixer, a clever hack that matches singles on Pair.

Now, before I continue: I'm fully aware of the inherent flaws in this concept. There will probably end up being 10 dudes checking it out for every 2 ladies who give it a spin — and for every cutesy conversation that occurs, 15 unsolicited pictures of dongs will be sent. I'm more impressed by the ingenuity at play here than the idea.

You see, this isn't something that Pair really...intended to be made. They don't have any publicly-available API stuff yet, so PairMixer's creators (Richerd Chan and Lim Cheng Soon) had to do some good ol' fashion reverse engineering to make everything work.

So, how does it work? First, you sign up with Pair. Then you punch your Pair login credentials into PairMixer -- they swear they don't save them -- entering you into their database of potential-Pairers. You can then browse around for someone you're interested in faux-Pairing with, and send them a request. If they accept your request, you're automatically paired up back in the Pair iPhone app.

Creepy? Maybe a little. Clever? Very. It's not really the way Pair is supposed to work — but hey, apps are our tools to use as we please.

And as for what the folks at Pair think about all this: co-founder Jamie Murai says he loves it.