Viral Marketing At Its Best: Animating a Twitter Timeline

By Trevor Gilbert , written on April 10, 2012

From The News Desk

I'm not normally one to post cool things I find on the Internet here on PandoDaily, but this was just too cool to pass up on.

On Twitter, I saw someone Tweet that the official Smart Car Twitter account for Argentina* had posted something cool. Thinking that it would be a good background picture or something like that, and I went over ready to close the tab, if it proved to be boring.

Instead, I saw something that must have taken an incredibly long time to create, and -- dare I say it -- is a work of high-tech art.

To understand what I'm talking about, go to this page and hold down the "j" key for as long as you can. The page will move from one Tweet to another, creating a sort of animation effect that shows a Smart Car driving around, with the landscape moving in the background.

Here's a video of it:

This is marketing at its finest, and to the best of my admittedly limited knowledge, the first time someone has done this to such an extensive degree. In a few days, I'd love to see how this one takes off.

*While I believe that it is the official account, the page is in Spanish, which I don't speak, so I could be wrong. Anyone that actually speaks Spanish could correct me on this (and please do).**