Hey, Look! We've Got A Shiny New Mobile Site

By Greg Kumparak , written on April 13, 2012

From The News Desk

I live a good chunk of my life through the display of my phone. It's partially because I'm a reporter, partially because my previous gig was as a mobile gadgets editor, and partially because I just friggin' love phones and think they're magical. That even I didn't like to visit PandoDaily on my phone was a bit of a problem.

So we've fixed it. This morning, we rolled out the first iteration of our considerably more mobile-friendly site.

First and foremost, the new mobile design is about getting you as much information as quickly as possible. When you load PandoDaily on your iPhone or Android handset, you'll land at a running list of the past 25-or-so pieces of original reporting that you'd normally find running down the right column of our full-blown desktop site.

But what about the PandoTicker? We want the PandoTicker to be an all-encompassing record of everything in the Silicon Valley and the entire startup ecosystem, wrapping the day's most important news into bite-sized pieces. It is, by its very nature, perfect for people on the go. It was a shame to see it pushed down to the very bottom of the page, far deeper than most would ever scroll. So we've given the PandoTicker its very own tab right at the top of the page. No more killing your thumb to scroll down to the ticker — just one click, and you're there. Load page, know everything.

Finally, we focused on making it as light and fast as possible for everyone checkin' in while on today's way-too-crowded (and thus way-too-slow) cell networks. We stripped away all of the painfully slow social sharing buttons from the mobile theme until we figure out a better way to do it, and have packed the entire thing down into something that should load in just a few seconds. Hell, I almost prefer the mobile site now.

While I get the glory of writing the post about it, my only part in all of this was mocking things up in Photoshop and gettin' the ball rolling. All the real sweat was poured by Sara Cannon (who also designed our main theme) and Aaron Campbell, who managed to blast things out in just shy of a week.

This is just the first step. We've got a ton of awesome improvements in the pipeline to make things even better, but we opted to go lean and get this thing out in the world sooner than later. Hope you like it!