Marc Samwer Is Finally Out at Groupon. Time to Build a Great International Company Now.

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 13, 2012

From The News Desk

I mean, I know it's in the PandoTicker already. But I can't very well hammer Andrew Mason for more than a year about the woeful job the Samwer brothers have done with the 47 country Medusa-headed monstrosity that is Groupon's International operations and not say anything when the clone king is ousted.

Groupon has officially replaced the head of international operations, Marc Samwer, in a move that they say is "long planned." (Never mind, Mason recently went on and on about what a dreamy operator he is....) His replacement is former Dell executive Austrian Veit Dengler.

I don't know anything about Dengler. But this has to be an upgrade.

Here's my official statement on the matter: Yay. It's about time, Groupon. How bad did it have to get? On the other hand, boo as Samwer just has more time to shoddily fabricate more lame clones of actual successful companies now.

(Get that RAD Medusa poster here!)