The Bootstrapped Rally Charges Forward, Moves Out of Mexico

By Greg Kumparak , written on April 17, 2012

From The News Desk

Remember the Bootstrapped Rally? The crazy, multi-day race through the deserts of Mexico, starring a bunch of venture capitalists and startup founders blasting around in pieced-together clunkers?

Turns out, people want to race. Just...maybe not through Mexico.

As about half of the comments in that first post pointed out, taking a bunch of rich dudes on an adventure through a region that's currently seeing an all-time high number of ransom kidnappings might not be the best idea. So they're ditching that part of the plan.

Citing safety concerns, rally founder Clint Nelsen (who also co-founded Startup Weekend and Startup Labs) tells me that the race has migrated stateside in its final stages of planning. It'll start in Northern California on October 25th, pass through twelve different gold mining towns, and end with a sprint past Nevada's Area 51, before racers pass the finish line in Las Vegas on October 29th.

Beyond the shift in locale, the rules have stayed more or less the same: Cars must be purchased for less than $2,000, with an additional $2,000 allotted for performance upgrades. Racers can spend as much as they want on safety upgrades. The race is only open to venture capitalists, angels, and startup founders. Oh, and my favorite rule of all: Rather than sponsor logos, VCs/startups must plaster their cars with the logos of their portfolio companies or investors.

While the guest list is being kept mostly under wraps until the day of the big race, we'd already heard that some folks from Shasta and H-Farm Ventures were on board (plus a handful of others that specifically requested not to be mentioned), and our initial coverage of the event sent interest soaring. Even in the comments of that first post, mentors and founders were pledging to buckle up and throw down.

Meanwhile, we're still looking for someone to bring back some footage from the raceways — let us know if you're interested, won't you?

Interested leadfoots can find more details here.