Peter Thiel's Pointed Questions to Ask Startups

By Trevor Gilbert , written on April 19, 2012

From The News Desk

We're live at the PandoMonthly event with Peter Thiel tonight, and he has shared a few questions that he asks of all startups he interviews, as they are starting a company.

Thiel makes a habit of asking pointed questions to founders, one of them being, "What is something you believe that nearly no one agrees with you on?"

As Thiel tells it, most people approach the question from the perspective of "Other people believe X, and I believe not-X" is a suitable answer, that if they wear black clothes, they are an artistic person. Essentially, that being the opposite of the norm doesn't mean much, as it is still dependent upon the commonly held belief.

When Sarah asked him how he would answer the question, Thiel responded by saying that, "I think it's really a hard question to answer."

Other questions Thiel asks are along the lines of:

  • What is a great company no one has started?
  • Why will the 20th talented person to join your company join your company? They'll make more money at Google, Google will look better on their resume — why would they join?
More at the livestream: