RightSignature Might Let Me Finally Toss Out My Scanner

By Michael Carney , written on April 19, 2012

From The News Desk

For anyone who has ever had to do the print, sign, scan, send dance when completing legal documents, RightSignature just made your life a whole lot easier. Printer ink manufacturers and courier firms might be slightly less enthused.

Today, the company released a new product, which lets you embed forms on the Web complete with digital signature functionality. This is a much needed merging of two existing solutions. Before, companies had the option of embedding static documents with Docstoc or Scribd, which would then have to be printed and manually filled out and signed. Alternatively, they could create HTML forms through Wufoo, SurveyMonkey, or Formstack that could be filled online, but could not offer digital biometric signature capability.

RightSignature offers the best of both worlds. Finally. Thank God. The company’s CEO, Daryl Bernstein, called it “the lovechild of Docstoc and Wufoo.” It may not be the sexiest market, but it’s a problem that requires solving millions of times per day.

The creation of online forms is simple and straightforward. Users upload a document, place text fields as desired, and save it. RightSignature works its magic behind the scenes to generate code that can be embedded on the user’s website or a link that can be emailed to signers.

RightSignature’s customers then collect signed PDF documents and get access to a dashboard with a sortable table organizing all responses along with statistics about signers and the ability to create performance graphs natively.

A few other nice bonus features are a new webcam and mobile signing capabilities. Until now, RightSignature has been known for collecting hand “written” signatures via a mouse or trackpad. (The results look a bit like my pre-schooler cousin was writing wrong-handed.) With the Signature-via-Webcam feature, signers just sign a piece of paper and take a snapshot with a webcam. The system then does its backend voodoo to extract and enhance the signature and place it on the document. Alternatively, a signer can have a link sent to his mobile touch device, where he makes his mark and then sees it appear on his laptop.

The company’s biggest direct competitors are DocuSign and Adobe’s EchoSign. RightSignature differentiates itself by being about a third the price. Also, its APIs are integrated into far more online platforms, including Dropbox, Evernote, Harverst, Google Docs, Highrise and MailChimp.

RightSignature has managed to build its rapidly growing business since its 2009 launch without ever raising a dime of outside capital. It has thousands of customers from small businesses to the Fortune 500. For the time being, this Online Forms product puts them squarely ahead of competitors in terms of functionality and ease of use.