Uber Cab Confessions: Driving Mr. Morin

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 19, 2012

From The News Desk

Yesterday, Greg Kumparak had yet another of his trademark brilliant ideas that Pando editors get friendly with Uber drivers. Because surely with  them taking so many entrepreneurs around the city, there's some good stories being thrown around.

Not more than a few hours later I was having dinner with the Atlassian co-founders, and three bottles of wine in, they told a story that proved Greg's point. Last week, they were picked up by a Uber driver named Walid. I hope he's reading this, because he said he was an avid TechCrunch reader. When Walid leaves a comment on this post, I'll know PandoDaily has arrived.

But I digress.

Walid asked the Atlassian founders what they did, and they said they made software. He perked up and asked more and more questions, saying, "I'm really into technology. Can you believe that about Instagram? $1 billion?!"

Then came the kicker -- the remark that showed that Uber drivers in San Francisco are roughly a billion times more tech savvy than regular cabs...

"You know who I had in my cab the other day? Dave Morin!"

Yep, Path's Dave Morin is the ultimate celebrity name-drop for Uber drivers.

Walid -- if you are reading this, get in touch. We want to make you an official Pando informant. Hell, any Uber drivers who want to tip us off to the late night confessions of "tired and emotional" tech founders -- [email protected]. We pay in t-shirts and gratitude.