PandoMonthly with Peter Thiel Recap: Startups, Competition, Capitalism, Bubbles

By Trevor Gilbert , written on April 20, 2012

From The News Desk

Last night's fireside chat with Peter Thiel was a resounding success, with comments flooding in that the talk was great, the network sublime, and the pizza delicious. We've posted the video here for your viewing pleasure, as well as a few key excerpts from the night.

Thiel is well known in the Valley for being a contrarian and, more-importantly, for normally being right in the long run. He was kind enough to sit down for an hour and a half, talking about anything and everything. That is, everything but Facebook, as Thiel sits on the board of Facebook and talking about the company would be a violation of SEC quiet period rules. Aside from that, Thiel was open to any questions Sarah threw at him.

Of his responses, he answered on topicsĀ ranging from what questions he asks of startup CEOs he is interviewing, when a company should enter a market, the nature of competition and capitalism, transparency and criminality, the education bubble, startup CEO salaries, and a number of question from the audience.

As with the last event with Dave Morin, Madrone Studios provided an excellent venue and we'd like to thank them and our sponsors for the event, Sequoia Capital, for their support.

It was a night of many interesting opinions, some of which you'll agree with, some of which most people don't agree with.

Now for the video:

[ustream cid=10306626 w=480 h=296]