Roger McNamee: "I'm Not Wired to Be Greedy, I'm Wired to Play the Game"

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 25, 2012

From The News Desk

The last two installments of our sit down interview with Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee are the most personal. They're about his up-and-down journey as an investor, who has been in the middle of the largest social media company -- Facebook -- and one who passed on three of the others -- Zynga, Twitter, and Groupon.

In this first, short clip McNamee talks about passing on those three latter deals. Which of the decisions does he partially regret? The answer might surprise you.

Then in this clip, McNamee talks about why he still does this job. "I'm too old to just invest for the money," he says. "How many times do you have to have an IPO before you realize that doesn't mean anything?" He explains what does matter to him about his job in the clip below.

McNamee has no doubt been reflecting on this quite a bit, as Elevation is reportedly raising another fund -- a topic he wouldn't comment on at all during our interview for legal reasons. There was previously some speculation that the past Elevation Fund might be his last. But it certainly doesn't sound that way based on our interview.

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Huge thanks to the always interesting McNamee for his time.