Roger McNamee on the New Web: "Everything That Mattered Over the Last Eight Years Won't Matter Anymore"

By Sarah Lacy , written on April 25, 2012

From The News Desk

Finally we've come to the core of our interview with Elevation Partners' Roger McNamee: He expresses his belief that the tech world is poised upon the biggest disruption and money-making opportunity he has seen in at least 15 years, a new era where everything we thought we knew about the Web will be ripped asunder.

It's less about mobile apps as we know them now and more about what the iPhone has enabled, a digital "do-over" for the content world. He argues the 10 year trend towards commoditized content is over, and the stage is set for a return to premium, differentiated content. More than that: He promises a return to content that can be monetized.

According to McNamee the media industry's long 40 years of wandering in the desert soon will come to an end. And, he argues, the trend benefits both The New York Times and a tiny blog like PandoDaily.

He unspools the vision in the video below. He also explains why the mega-bets on Forbes and Palm weren't total losses for his firm, why the iPhone is the only platform that matters, and what Bono taught him about the history of content. Spoiler alert: That insight touches everything from Beatrix Potter to "The Wizard of Oz" to the Beatles to rap music.

McNamee ends with talking about where he's placing his bets in this new world, why he's not nearly as bullish on Amazon as Apple, and why we need a "Craigslist for content."

One of the most surprising bits? That'd be who McNamee says has the best mobile user experience in the Web today.

We strive to keep videos under five minutes so this is a long one for us. But it's also a big vision.

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