PandoList: Top Webizens, or Politically-Minded Techies

By Amanda Schwab , written on April 27, 2012

From The News Desk

We're back with another balls-to-the wall edition of the PandoList, and this time we spoke to some politically-minded techies, aka "Webizens." Where political change used to be brought about through sheer force of will and stodgy old men wearing wigs, the new landscape is as much about properly utilizing the Web, as it is about lobbying Washington.

We spoke with Tim O'Reilly who told us about the earliest days of O'Reilly Media, Jen Pahlka who started Code for America, founder of Amicus Seth Bannon, founder and CEO of I can has Cheezburger Ben Huh, and Votizen co-founder Jason Putorti.  Watch all five videos to meet these digital movers in politics.

[Illustration by the amazing Hallie Bateman, who has a lot more art on her website, as well as a Twitter.]