The Winklevoss Twins Have Decided to Call Themselves VCs, Because That's a Thing Anyone Can Do Now

By Paul Bradley Carr , written on April 27, 2012

From The News Desk

Yesterday, I wrote about the unedifying spectacle of Departed Founders Who Won't Let Go. That is, founders who try constantly to re-involve themselves with the company they sold, often to the determent of their new ventures.

This can be particularly damaging, I noted, when the Departed Founders have gone on to become VCs.

In the first draft of the piece, I included a joke about the Winklevoss twins (pictured above) and their never-ending obsession with Facebook. Imagine if they became VCs, I joked. All the time they should be spending with their portfolio companies would instead be channeled into obsessing about that one failed relationship in their past. But I deleted the line as a) it wasn't a very funny joke b) the Winklevoss didn't found Facebook and c) they're not VCs.

And then today, according to CNBC and the Next Web, the Winklevoss Twins decided to become VCs.

The noise you hear is the death rattle of any meaning behind the notion of being a VC. In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to headlines about...

  • An infant who has decided to call herself a VC
  • A robot that has decided to call itself a VC
  • A duck that has decided to call itself a VC
  • An infant robot duck that has decided to call itself a VC
Fuck it, maybe I'll become a VC. How hard can it be? Ten bucks and a business card, right?

Watch the entire Winklevoss interview here.