April 2012

  1. VSCO Cam iOS App Makes Pro Pics a Reality for the Rest of Us

    “For Us By Us” is the underlying message behind the popular urban fashion brand FUBU. VSCO Cam, the newest pro photography app to hit the iOS App Store, has the same type of authenticity at its core. It is by creatives, for creatives.

    By Michael Carney , written on

    From the News desk

  2. How HelloFax, FreshBooks, and Expensify Map the Hidden Networks of Small Businesses

    About a year ago, I stumbled upon a tiny new Web app that changed my life. It wasn’t Instagram. It wasn’t Pinterest. Unlike so many hot apps these days, this one didn’t have anything to do with local commerce, it wasn’t mobile, and while it was “social,” it was only surreptitiously so. Over time, the app might help me uncover the invisible social network that surrounds much of my work life—but I’m getting ahead of the story. What attracted me to this app a year ago didn’t have anything to do with social networking. Instead, I was looking for relief from the most mundane, hellish of all office tasks: Faxing.

    By Farhad Manjoo , written on

    From the News desk

  3. Jesse Middleton and The Importance of 100% Focus On Your Best Idea

    Any seasoned entrepreneur will tell you that a laser-like focus is key to a startup's success. The problem is that exceptions to that rule like Jack Dorsey, or even Bill Gates with his photo business Corbis, make it tempting to branch out and juggle more.

    By Erin Griffith , written on

    From the News desk

  4. JAFSU: China vs Silicon Valley

    Say hello to JAFSU, a funny, irreverent take on startup life as written and drawn by Swedish entrepreneur Peter Sandberg. (And yes, the name is an acronym for "just another fucking startup," if you were wondering.) We'll be running Peter's comics on Friday afternoons, so be sure and look for them every week.

    By Peter Sandberg , written on

    From the News desk

  5. Web 2.0 Is Over, All Hail the Age of Mobile

    When they look back at this era, Internet historians will mark Facebook’s Instagram acquisition as the symbolic moment when the Great Shift was confirmed. Significantly, it also came soon after Steve Jobs’ death. The device that Jobs created had, within the space of five years, allowed a 551-day-old company with 14 employees to become worth $1 billion.

    By Hamish McKenzie , written on

    From the News desk

  6. The Winklevoss Twins Have Decided to Call Themselves VCs, Because That's a Thing Anyone Can Do Now

    Yesterday, I wrote about the unedifying spectacle of Departed Founders Who Won't Let Go. That is, founders who try constantly to re-involve themselves with the company they sold, often to the determent of their new ventures.

    By Paul Bradley Carr , written on

    From the News desk

  7. Inaugural MuckerLab Demo Day Brings the House Down

    LA has incubators galore though not all are created equal. MuckerLab is one that people may not hear the most about, but which has been quietly making a name for itself among people in the know.

    By Michael Carney , written on

    From the News desk

  8. Don’t Let the Money Make You a Dummy

    Technology IPOs are stacking up like groupies at a Motley Crue concert. Dozens of companies, including Palo Alto Networks, ServiceNow, Workday, and the mac daddy of them all, Facebook, are planning public stock offerings this year. And the flood of wealth they create could trigger a wave of startups and angel investing in the coming 24 months, fueled by the newly rich.

    By Christopher Lochhead , written on

    From the News desk

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